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Stop Ransomware with Microsoft Security digital event presents threat intelligence in action

One of the biggest challenges in security today is visibility. And by visibility, I don’t just mean keeping an eye on ever-evolving cyberthreats, but also seeing your own security environment clearly—especially where you’re vulnerable.

For defenders who are working hard to manage threats across multiple clouds, platforms, and devices, research and investigation is a time-consuming and difficult challenge. Thankfully, we’ve recently launched two new security solutions designed to give you a comprehensive view of the security threats to your business—and track what’s changing day-to-day.

I’m really excited about these new products and invite you to learn more about them at our next digital event—Stop Ransomware with Microsoft Security—on September 15, 2022.

See the latest threat intelligence solutions in action

We have a lot to look forward to at this event. Charlie Bell, Executive Vice President of Microsoft Security, and Vasu Jakkal, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Security, Compliance, Identity, and Privacy Business, will join other security experts to discuss how to get ahead of ransomware and proactively prepare for even the most sophisticated attacks.

But this event goes beyond strategies and thought leadership—you’ll also get an exciting, in-depth look at two innovative new security products:

These new security solutions work together to help you understand both your adversaries and your own security environment. With more visibility into your infrastructure and better insights into breaches and potential threats, you’ll be able to prioritize the right response tactics and keep pace with an ever-changing threat environment.

Register for the Stop Ransomware with Microsoft Security digital event to learn more.

Stay ahead of adversaries

Let’s start with Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence. This solution works by analyzing signals from across the internet, then enriching this data with powerful machine learning algorithms to extract insights relevant to your organization.

When you attend this free digital event, you’ll learn exactly how to use this new solution to dive deep into a breach and really understand the nature of the attack and the assets affected.

Elevate your security posture

While Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence can help you understand the threat landscape, Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management gives you greater knowledge of your attack surface.

With the help of this tool, you can build a more complete understanding of your security posture and locate unknown, unmanaged resources that are visible from the internet—the same view an attacker has when selecting a target. 

Throughout the Stop Ransomware with Microsoft Security digital event, we’ll be demonstrating both Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence and Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management. Join us to learn how you can bolster your security strategy by integrating both products into your own security operation center—or connect with cybersecurity professionals during a live question and answer chat if you have questions.

Learn from the experts firsthand

We crafted every session in the Stop Ransomware with Microsoft Security digital event to empower you with the tools and insights you need to make the most of threat intelligence. Join your fellow cybersecurity professionals in the following sessions:

Don’t just react to threats. Get ahead of them.

Join the Stop Ransomware with Microsoft Security digital event to learn how to safeguard your organization from today’s attacks—and be ready for tomorrow’s.

At this digital event, you’ll:

Secure everything. Limit nothing. Be fearless.

Register now.

Stop Ransomware with Microsoft Security
September 15, 2022
9:00 AM-10:30 AM PT

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