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Microsoft Security Copilot drives new product integrations at Microsoft Ignite to empower security and IT teams

First announced in March 2023, Microsoft Security Copilot—Microsoft’s first generative AI security product—has sparked major interest. The widespread enthusiasm was on full display after announcing our Early Access Program in October 2023 and sharing our incredible Security Copilot innovations at Microsoft Ignite in November 2023. With the rapid innovations of Security Copilot, we have taken this solution beyond security operations use cases and into promising areas that can dramatically improve the day-to-day work of security teams, like incident response, risk assessment, and identity troubleshooting. And we’re just getting started with exploring how this solution can most benefit organizations.

For those that have experienced Security Copilot, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. In a randomized control trial, participants who tried it improved their security response time by as much as 26%.1 For security novices with basic IT skills, the analysts using Security Copilot performed significantly better than members of the control group. Not only did analysts accomplish their work faster with Security Copilot, but they also expressed more confidence in the output. 86% of participants said Security Copilot helped them improve the quality of their work, and 90% noted they want Security Copilot the next time they do the same task. 1 

“Before Security Copilot, our analysts spent precious time capturing and consolidating attack data and running it through copywrite reviews before publishing. Now with Security Copilot, we can reduce that time by 90%, allowing them to start their next case.”

—Brian Hooper, Principal Research Lead, Microsoft Defender Experts

Similarly, our security analysts from Microsoft Defender Experts are experiencing significant efficiencies in their work. Brian Hooper, a Principal Research Lead for Defender Experts, reports time savings of 90% in capturing attack data, consolidating it into incident summaries, and completing copywrite reviews.

Early insights and reviews have made the Microsoft Ignite announcements of Security Copilot’s capabilities and integrations even more exciting. Security Copilot has expanded beyond the security operations center (SOC) with new use cases and product experiences to help more security and IT teams protect at machine speed and scale.

Male office worker standing at desk with desktop computer. Blank screen shown on monitor in foreground.

Microsoft Security Copilot

Powerful new capabilities, new integrations, and industry-leading generative AI—now available in early access.

Use cases for Microsoft Security Copilot

Security Copilot will help IT and security professionals strengthen their skills, collaborate more effectively, and catch attacks that might otherwise be missed. Security Copilot integrates across Microsoft’s security, identity, and compliance experiences to deliver greater end-to-end value of your security tools.

The new use cases for Security Copilot now extend beyond investigations in your security operations center to support various security necessities for organizations seeking to strengthen their security against cyberthreats. We tailored Security Copilot to be interoperable to meet the top cybersecurity needs of the enterprise—device management, identity management, data security, and cloud security.

Watch this video to see these Security Copilot integrations in action.

Standalone versus embedded experiences for Security Copilot

While Security Copilot extends capabilities to new members of the security and IT teams, it has also expanded how many of these capabilities are experienced. For diverse organizations seeking various ways to summarize insights and remediate or troubleshoot investigations, Security Copilot can be leveraged in an immersive standalone portal or embedded intuitively into existing familiar security products. Both experiences are available to you, and choosing which to use is based on what’s most important to users: pulling data from multiple tools into one place or working from the product experience they already know.

Dark-mode prompting space with a script analysis output.

Figure 1. Security Copilot standalone experience.

Incident attack story with a sidebar showing the Security Copilot incident summary.

Figure 2. Security Copilot embedded experience.

Security Copilot embedded experiences in action

While in early access, Security Copilot is expanding into embedded experiences across various Microsoft Security solutions. Each embedded experience entered private preview as announced during the Microsoft Ignite 2023 keynote. Here’s where and how Security Copilot is embedding into our existing security products:

Try Security Copilot for yourself

The Security Copilot Early Access Program lets you try the latest in Microsoft Security’s generative AI solution and see how it integrates with your Microsoft Security tool set.2 Interest in the Security Copilot Early Access Program has been high with limited space still available. Reach out to your sales representative to get details on qualifications for early access. 

Learn more

Learn more about Microsoft Security Copilot.

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1Microsoft Security Copilot randomized controlled trial (RCT) conducted by Microsoft Office of the Chief Economist, November 2023.

2Microsoft Security Copilot Early Access program includes Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence at no additional cost and integrations with Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Sentinel, and Microsoft Intune.