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Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance

Intelligent compliance and risk management solutions from Microsoft 365 help your organization assess compliance risks, govern and protect sensitive data, and respond to regulatory requirements. 

• Protect and govern your sensitive data wherever it lives - across apps, endpoints, and clouds. 
• Identify and take action on critical insider risks and code-of-conduct policy violations.
• Quickly investigate and respond to legal requirements with relevant data.
• Address regulations and assess compliance with a risk-based score.

* Customers currently licensed for Enterprise Mobility + Security E3, Office E3, or Microsoft 365 E3 are eligible to purchase the Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance suite. Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance capabilities and features are included in the Microsoft 365 E5 license.

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Intelligent compliance and risk management solutions

Microsoft 365 compliance solutions help your organization protect data, address regulations and standards, and mitigate insider risks. 

  • Data loss prevention

    Identify, monitor, and automatically protect sensitive information stored across Office 365 locations.

  • Sensitive information types

    Identify and protect sensitive data including credit card, bank account, and passport numbers.

  • Event-driven retention

    Use labels to retain content based on when a specific type of event occurs.

  • Advanced Message Encryption

    Send and receive encrypted email messages to people inside and outside your organization.

  • Communication Compliance

    Minimize communication risks by detecting, capturing, and taking remediation actions on inappropriate messages in your organization.

  • Customer Lockbox

    Maintain control over your content with explicit access authorization for service operations.

  • Advanced Audit

    Gain visibility with new auditing capabilities that help with forensic and compliance investigations.

  • Microsoft 365 compliance center

    Monitor your overall compliance posture, review recommended actions, and configure settings to meet complex compliance obligations.

  • Records Management

    Manage regulatory, legal, and business-critical records across your organization.

  • Microsoft Compliance Manager

    Simplifies compliance and helps reduce risk by translating complex regulatory requirements to specific controls and providing a quantifiable measure of compliance through compliance score.

  • Customer Key

    Help meet compliance requirements by exercising control over your organization’s encryption keys.

  • Insider Risk Management

    Detect, investigate, and take action on risky activities in your organization.

  • Information Barriers

    Restrict communications between specific groups of users inside your organization to safeguard internal information.

  • Privileged Access Management

    Help protect your organization from breaches through granular access control over privileged admin tasks.

  • Advanced eDiscovery

    Manage the end-to-end workflow of internal and external investigations.

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