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Partnering with governments to help protect democracy

Our partnerships help provide security and privacy for governments, campaigns, and democratic processes. Learn how to improve campaign security in five steps.

Why we partner with governments

Fighting global cybercrime

We help protect people through technology, forensics, civil actions, criminal referrals, and partnerships.

Upholding a free world

We help protect democratic elections through secure, verifiable voting technology.

Ensuring a secure society

We work to fill the gaps in international law to make cyberspace a safer place.

Defending Democracy

Threats to democracy from cyberenabled interference have become a critical concern. We’ve seen attempts by nation-states to exploit elements of our democratic system. These attempts include disrupting the voting process, and influencing political campaigns through the manipulation of social media. We believe technology companies have a responsibility to help protect democratic processes and institutions.

Illustration of megaphones and confetti surrounding a rectangle that contains the text Microsoft 365 for Campaigns.

Microsoft 365 for Campaigns

Microsoft 365 for Campaigns is an offering created for the growing threats and real-world challenges political campaigns face online. It brings together the world-class productivity and security of Office 365, Windows 11, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Microsoft Teams. Microsoft 365 for Campaigns is available at a price of just $5 per person per month, the same price as offered to nonprofits, and includes streamlined enrollment into the Microsoft AccountGuard program. Microsoft setup wizards, intelligent default settings, and one-click configuration tasks simplify the process of achieving a strong security baseline. We'll help you apply our top cybersecurity recommendations in minutes.

The Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit

Cybersecurity policy

To maintain global trust in technology and secure cyberspace against new and emerging threats, public policy must continue to evolve. Our security policy team produces thought leadership to help policymakers address security issues and provide a framework for cybersecurity policy. We also provide recommendations for building an effective cybersecurity agency and creating policies for state, regions, and countries.