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What are verifiable credentials?

Verifiable credentials is a W3C standard for signed containers of identity data that organizations can use to issue independently verifiable statements about people, organizations, or things.

Verifiable credentials scenarios

Fast remote onboarding

Digitally validate any piece of information with ID verification services for quick, trustworthy self-service enrollment and onboarding.

Access to high-value apps

Verify credentials from a wide variety of trusted partners based on open standards as an additional proof of authentication.

Self-service account recovery

Replace support phone calls and security questions with a simpler, more secure process to verify user identity.

Partnering with identity verification providers

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Start issuing and accepting verifiable credentials in minutes

Azure AD verifiable credentials (preview) provides a platform to digitally validate customized verifiable credentials that your employees, contractors, vendors, or customers can use in multiple scenarios.

Issue credentials

Customize and configure verifiable credentials for your users, and provide them via a QR code or link on your website.

Verify credentials

Validate information about a user or business by using an SDK to send a credential presentation request to Microsoft Authenticator.

Present credentials

Users can receive verifiable credentials in Microsoft Authenticator or compatible wallets and present them to an organization on request.

Customer stories

Keio University.

Keio University

Keio University is a leading research university in the process of implementing digital student IDs. Students will be able to certify their enrollment, transcript, and graduation information, from a smartphone.

National Health Service

National Health Service

The National Health Service (NHS) is using verified credentials to support staff movement between organizations, allowing staff to store their own verified records for employment, clearance, and other attributes.

Government of Flanders.

Government of Flanders

Citizens of the Government of Flanders will be able to request a verifiable credential with citizenship status for use across civic and private sectors, including the citizen portal, to streamline processes.

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