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Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is now Microsoft Entra ID.

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Empower your workforce and reduce help desk calls

Help your employees securely manage their own identity with self-service portals.

Why is user self-service important?

Minimize IT friction

When users manage their own identity, it reduces downtime and costly help desk calls.

Simplify access to apps

Employees can quickly find and access the critical tools and services needed to be most efficient in their work.

Reduce security risks

Users can update their security contact information and monitor their sign-in activity to report suspicious behavior.

Self-service portals in Microsoft Entra ID

Microsoft Entra ID strengthens and empowers self-service across password reset, account management, app launch and discovery, sign-in activity, and access lifecycle experiences.

Set up self-service portals

Set up authentication and identity management, enable secure password reset, and learn how to use and deploy the various user portals.

My Apps

The My Apps portal is a one-stop destination for users to discover and manage their access and launch apps via single sign-on.

My Account

The My Account portal curates all identity self-service tools, including password reset and security contact information updates.

My Sign-ins

With My Sign-ins, users can monitor their own sign-in history and report any malicious activity to their organization.

My Access

From My Access, employees and guest users can manage and request access packages, which govern permissions for apps and services.

Additional user self-service resources

Strengthen access to your apps

Microsoft Entra ID works seamlessly with thousands of popular web-based apps as well as custom cloud apps and legacy on-premises apps.

Ease user registration

Users can register for both self-service password reset and multifactor authentication in one convenient experience.

Get activity insights

Gain insights on usage activity for identity experiences and help drive user adoption.

Safeguard your organization with a seamless identity solution

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