Microsoft Entra Verified ID

Verify once. Use everywhere.

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Start your decentralized identity journey

Enable more secure interactions with Verified ID, the industry-leading global platform from Microsoft.

Quickly onboard employees, partners, and customers

Digitally validate information with ID verification providers to ensure trustworthy self-service enrollment and faster onboarding.

Access high-value apps and resources

Quickly verify an individual’s credentials and status to grant least-privilege access with confidence.

Provide self-service account recovery

Replace support calls and security questions with a streamlined self-service process to verify identities.

Work with a Microsoft Partner

Ensure a smooth and secure verifiable credential experience, made possible by Microsoft partnerships with leading identity verification providers.

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Watch the video

Learn about Verified ID, an open-standards platform designed to help organizations easily verify identity information while protecting the individual’s privacy.

Verified ID capabilities

Confidently issue and verify workplace credentials, education status, certifications, or any unique identity attributes with Verified ID.

Easily set up and deploy

Start issuing and accepting verifiable credentials in minutes by configuring Verified ID in your Microsoft Entra administrator portal.

Create and issue credentials

Customize and configure verifiable credentials for individuals using a prebuilt template or your own rules and design files.

Verify credentials

Enable interactions that respect the individual’s privacy. Validate a Verified ID credential with their approval through their digital wallet.

Suspend or invalidate credentials

Revoke or suspend active verified status of an individual's credential, while allowing the invalidated credential to remain in their possession.

Help people control their digital identity

Based on open standards, Verified ID automates verification of identity credentials and enables privacy-protected interactions between organizations and users.

How customers are using Verified ID

​​​​​​Verified ID is currently available for free.*

  • Verify and issue workplace credentials, education status, certifications, or any unique identity attributes.
  • Empower your users to own and control their digital identity for improved privacy.
  • Reduce organizational risk and simplify the audit process.
  • Provide developers with a seamless way to create user-centric, serverless apps.

Start your decentralized identity journey by enabling Verified ID for free in the Microsoft Entra admin center. Quickly onboard and begin issuing and verifying credentials for customers by implementing Verified ID with one of our partners.


*Microsoft Entra Verified ID is included with any Azure Active Directory subscription, including Azure AD Free.

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This diagram illustrates the participation of three parties in a verifiable credentials interaction. This solution automates verification of identity credentials and claims.

The verifier is an organization that requests proof and, upon receipt, verifies that the claims in the credentials satisfy requirements.

The user receives and approves the request for credentials obtained from the issuer and presents it to the verifier. The credential claims are cryptographically signed with the user’s private key.

The issuer is an organization that attests to claims and grants digitally signed credentials to the user.

An ecosystem of organizations, workplaces, governments, schools, institutions, and individuals function as trusted issuers and verifiers for verifiable credentials, with users granting permission and managing access through their digital wallet.