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Identity threat detection and response (ITDR)

Get comprehensive protection for all of your identities and identity infrastructure.

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Develop an effective ITDR strategy

Learn how to protect your organization from identity threats with conditional access policies, comprehensive threat intelligence, and automated response.

Streamline your identity protection

Reinforce your security boundary with complete, consistent protection and effective access management across your entire identity landscape.

Secure adaptive access

Prevent identity attacks before they happen with a modern identity and access management solution designed for today’s organizations.

Threat level intelligence

Reduce the time it takes to identify and respond to cyberthreats by combining information from all identity sources into a single view, with valuable insights.

Automated cyberattack disruption

Quickly stop identity attacks and lateral movement with automated disruption capabilities built into the Microsoft extended detection and response (XDR) platform.

Protect hybrid identity environments

Close gaps and deliver consistent protection for human and non-human identities and identity infrastructure—on-premises or in the cloud.

Unify identity protection and security

Enable near-real-time response with shared tools, rich reporting, and forensics that help identity admins and security operation centers (SOCs) effectively work together to stop cyberattacks.

Make in-the-moment conditional access decisions

Establish a baseline for standard user behavior and spot deviations from the norm with user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA). Analyze potential risks and apply adaptive access policies with AI.

Gain visibility and insight into identity signals

Correlate identity alerts with signals across endpoints, email, collaboration tools, and cloud apps to provide a complete view of the cyberattack chain. Make prioritization and remediation easier with incident-level response.

Automate security response and remediation

Detect and disrupt in-progress cyberattacks automatically based on highly accurate intelligence correlated from a broad range of signals. Reduce the total cost of a cyberattack by limiting compromise and getting people back to work quickly.

Break down existing security silos

Redefine how identity and security teams work together to protect identities.

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Build your ITDR solution

Get powerful protection and visibility across all your identities with products that are designed to work together.

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Microsoft Entra ID

Safeguard your organization with a cloud identity and access management solution that connects people to their apps, devices, and data.

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Microsoft Entra ID Protection

Automatically detect and prevent identity compromise with advanced machine learning and automation.

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Microsoft Defender for Identity

Safeguard your identity landscape with comprehensive detections and intelligent automation.

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Microsoft Defender XDR

Build unified security across your multiplatform endpoints, hybrid identities, emails, and cloud apps.

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Frequently asked questions

  • ITDR stands for identity threat detection and response. This emerging security focus area encompasses solutions designed to help prevent, detect, and respond to increasingly popular identity-related threats. Many identity attacks start when cybercriminals compromise credentials, typically through phishing or other social engineering strategies, but more recently sophisticated cyberattackers have begun targeting the underlying identity infrastructure to exploit vulnerabilities in identity posture. Modern SOC teams are putting increased focus on their identity protection strategy and looking to better correlate their identity signals within their XDR platform for greater visibility into emerging cyberthreats.

  • ITDR security is the processes, products, and solutions required to protect identities. After setting a baseline for normal user behavior with UEBA, ITDR solutions use AI to monitor user activity and uncover deviations from the norm. When a cyberthreat is detected, organizations use automation, predefined workbooks, and prioritized alerts to stop the cyberattack as quickly as possible. It’s important for organizations to continuously reevaluate and update their identity security posture to stay ahead of the emerging cyberthreats.

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