Discover the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

Still image from video of Rob Lefferts, Microsoft Director of Security.
Find out why top security companies are partnering with Microsoft to defend against increasingly sophisticated, fast-moving threats in this video with Rob Lefferts, Microsoft CVP of Security.

Enrich your security products

Leverage Microsoft security products to extend solution capabilities.
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Improve product discoverability

Help customers discover security solutions that work with their digital environments.

Upgrade protection with shared intelligence

Contribute threat intelligence across services to increase customer protection.
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Included products

Azure Active Directory

Seamless, secure identity and access management.

Azure Information Protection

Better protect your sensitive information—anytime, anywhere.

Windows Defender ATP

A unified platform for prevention, post-breach detection, investigation, and response.

Microsoft Intune

Flexible mobile device and app management that let employees work the way they choose.

Microsoft Graph Security API

Build and integrate solutions that correlate alerts, provide context, and orchestrate automation.

Microsoft Cloud App Security

Visibility and control of cloud apps and services to identify and combat cyberthreats.

DMARC reporting for Office 365

Maintain DMARC records for use with Office 365.

Windows antimalware platform

Develop endpoint protection solutions for Windows 10.

Microsoft Azure Sentinel

Cloud-native SIEM with built-in AI so security analysts can focus on what matters most.

Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

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