The end of passwords

Adopt modern authentication technologies to provide ease of use without the risk of passwords.

Improve security

Reduce the risk of phishing and password spray and replay attacks by switching to a passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution.

Photograph of a person seated at a desk connecting without a password using the Microsoft Edge browser on a laptop. A stand-alone monitor is displaying an Office 365 access page.
Photograph of a person seated in the waiting area of an airport using a laptop. They have a suitcase and other items and in the background is an airplane.

Enable convenience

Give your users an easy, convenient way to sign in and access data from anywhere.

Manage at scale

Use an identity and access management solution to enable single sign-in, manage MFA options, and apply conditional access policies for all your users.

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Products to get started

Windows Hello icon

Windows Hello for Business

Increase login convenience with a biometric. Replace passwords with strong MFA on Windows 10 PCs.

Microsoft Authenticator icon

Microsoft Authenticator

Authenticate with a mobile device. Get a push notification and verify identity with a biometric or PIN.

Graphic icon of two keys on a key ring

Microsoft-compatible security key

Replace passwords with a security key using MFA with the standards-based protocols on a mobile device.

Microsoft Edge icon

Microsoft Edge

Authenticate from a browser. Microsoft Edge supports the broadest set of passwordless authenticators.

What people are saying

British Telecom logo

“Windows Hello for Business is personal, simple, and provides a brilliant user experience with high security. Our people love logging on with their fingerprint or face.”

Peter Scott, Director of Dynamic IT, British Telecom Technology

Listen to Ann Johnson on replacing passwords

Emirates logo

“Security devices fit nicely with our current scenarios. They are simple to deploy and easy to use. We see value in rolling FIDO2-enabled badges to all our staff in the future.”

Emirates IT

“Today, biometric technology is providing two-thirds of Microsoft employees with a simple authentication method (backed up with a PIN) that is always with them. No more eight-character long, letters, numbers, symbols, forgettable passwords!”

"I think one of the fears that people have is that new technology is just going to be more complicated, and not realize that we’ve pushed to make it simpler and better."

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Adopting a passwordless strategy

The number one

Understand password risks

Audit your environment to see all the bad passwords and why getting rid of passwords is important.

The number two

Enable self-service

Ensure a smooth roll-out of MFA by using single sign-on and pre-registering users for password reset.

The number three

Try password alternatives

See how going passwordless works and what to consider for your first deployment.

The number four

Reduce prompts

Use conditional access to understand the context and risk of user logins and provide the right access.