From a young person learning computer science (CS) in schools, a job seeker earning technical certifications, to employers focused on building skilled and inclusive workforces; we offer resources so people can gain foundational, role-based, and technical skills. Use the links below to sort resources by type.

Get involved

Tech and tech-enabled roles are high-wage, high-growth jobs–across every sector. Yet, people from excluded communities are consistently underrepresented in technology. Together, we can help ensure equitable access to the skills needed to thrive in a digital economy.

A volunteer smiling.

Inspire the coders and creators of tomorrow

Make a difference in communities and schools by volunteering to help build and grow sustainable CS programs alongside other CS professionals.

The exterior of McDonogh 35 High School in New Orleans.

Advocate for computer science in schools

Join the thousands of schools who have already incorporated high quality computer science education into their curriculum and provide opportunities for the students in your local area.

Two elementary school girls laugh while playing with a small device attached to a laptop

Inspire kids in STEM

Spark student curiosity by connecting in-class activities to the real world on Microsoft Learn.