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Protecting the electoral process

Though threats to democracy have always existed, the tactics of adversaries are constantly evolving. At Microsoft, we believe that the electoral process should be open and secure.

Critical institution security

Those who participate in the political process, whether by running for office or writing policy briefs, are consistently targets of nation-state cyberattacks. They are fighting an outsized battle, and Microsoft is committed to providing services and technology to help them protect themselves.

Election integrity

Democratic elections around the world remain a top target for cyberattacks, particularly those perpetrated by nation-state actors. We work closely with our customers to provide them with guidance and tools to protect themselves and the integrity of the electoral process from these threats.

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ElectionGuard is a free open-source software developer toolkit (SDK) that, when integrated into a voting system, provides voters and the public with reassurance that votes were counted accurately.

Our Information Integrity Principles

Democracy needs trustworthy information to flourish. Microsoft has adopted four principles to anchor our work in foreign cyber influence operations.

Freedom of expression

We will respect freedom of expression and uphold our customers’ ability to create, publish, and search for information via our platforms, products, and services.

Authoritative content

We will prioritize surfacing content to counter foreign cyber influence operations by utilizing internal and trusted third-party data on our products.


We will not willfully profit from foreign cyber influence content or actors.

Proactive efforts

We will proactively work to prevent our platforms and products from being used to amplify foreign cyber influence sites and content.

Microsoft’s response to the war in Ukraine

Microsoft suspends new sales in Russia

We have suspended all new sales of Microsoft products and services in Russia—a concrete step in compliance with governmental sanctions decisions and in lockstep with the US, UK, and European Union.

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The hybrid war in Ukraine

Learn about the destructive Russian cyberattacks targeting civilians and critical institutions they rely on in Ukraine.

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Defending Ukraine: Early Lessons from the Cyber War

The latest findings in our ongoing threat intelligence efforts in the war between Russia and Ukraine, and a series of conclusions from its first four months reinforces the need for ongoing and new investments in technology, data, and partnerships to support governments, companies, NGOs, and universities.

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Extending our vital technology support for Ukraine

Microsoft has extended tech support free of charge for Ukraine through 2023 to ensure government, critical infrastructure, and other sectors in Ukraine can continue to serve citizens through the Microsoft Cloud.

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Our programs


AccountGuard offers three core offerings: unified threat detection and notification across personal and professional accounts, security guidance, and access to elevated security products such as Yubikeys.


ElectionGuard is a free open-source software developer toolkit (SDK) that, when integrated into a voting system, provides voters and the public with reassurance that votes were counted accurately.

Microsoft 365 for Campaigns

This offering brings the advanced security capabilities of our Microsoft 365 Premium Business offering to political campaigns and party committees at the price point typically offered to non-profit customers. It comes with easy-to-install security wizards and detailed instructions for additional customization.

Election Security Advisors

This offering provides affordable access to world-class cyber incident responders. Highly targeted, critical organizations can receive either reactive cyber incident response services or proactive security assessments of their environments. Election Security Advisors (ESA) is made possible via a partnership with the Microsoft Detection & Response Team.

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Preserving and protecting journalism

Partnering with Davis Wright Tremaine, Reporters Committee for the Freedom of the Press, and the Knight Foundation, we're piloting the Protecting Journalists Pro Bono Program. It provides free legal support to journalists and small news organizations across three workstreams: pre-publication review, access to public records, and defending journalists against subpoenas.

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Supporting local newsrooms

Working directly in five communities across the country, Microsoft, in partnership with community foundations and other organizations, is providing new tools, technology, and capacity to explore hybrid business models for sustainable journalism to journalists and newsrooms.

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