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We work to preserve, protect, and advance the fundamentals of democracy by safeguarding open and secure democratic processes, promoting a healthy information ecosystem, and advocating for corporate civic responsibility.

Critical institution security

Those who participate in advancing civil society, whether in the political realm, or as a non-profit, think-tank, journalist, or human rights organization, are consistently targets of nation-state cyberattacks. Microsoft is committed to providing services and technology to help them protect themselves.

Election integrity

Democratic elections around the world remain a top target for cyberattacks and misinformation. We work closely with our customers to provide them with guidance and tools to protect themselves from these threats.

Threat intelligence

The next year may bring unprecedented challenges for the protection of elections as authoritarian nation-states seek to interfere in electoral processes. The Microsoft Threat Assessment Center (MTAC) publishes reports on this foreign malign influence.

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Addressing deepfakes ahead of EU elections

During the 2024 European Parliament elections, the threat of AI-based manipulation – especially deepfakes – was a concern. Microsoft helped political parties, campaigns, news organizations, and voters safeguard the integrity of democratic processes.

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Societal Resilience Fund

Microsoft and OpenAI announced the launch of a $2 million Societal Resilience Fund to further AI education and literacy among voters and vulnerable communities.

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Content Integrity tools for elections

Our Content Integrity tools help organizations such as political campaigns and newsrooms send a signal that the content someone sees online is verifiably from their organization.

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Creating newsrooms of the future

In a year where billions of people will vote in democratic elections worldwide, journalism is critical to creating healthy information ecosystems, and it is our mission to ensure that newsrooms can innovate to serve this year and in the future.

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The next frontier in elections

Recently, the Council of State Governments announced the formation of a new Election Technology Initiative (ETI), of which Microsoft’s ElectionGuard will be its first project.

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Microsoft invests in newsrooms globally

Microsoft, USAID, and Internews announce a new public-private partnership to develop a Media Viability Accelerator to help independent media outlets around the world become more financially sustainable.

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Democracy depends on information literacy

In this challenging information environment, we believe that empowering consumers with the tools to find, consume, and share authoritative information is critical to supporting healthy information ecosystems and, therefore, thriving democracies.

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Early lessons from Ukraine’s cyber war

Ongoing threat intelligence efforts in the war between Russia and Ukraine reinforce the need for new investments in technology, data, and partnerships to support governments, companies, NGOs, and universities.

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