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SQL Server 2022


SQL Server 2022 is the most Azure-enabled release of SQL Server yet, with continued innovation in security, availability, and performance.

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ISO/CAB media formats are available in the executable file:


SQL Server 2022 integrates with Azure Synapse Link and Azure Purview to enable customers to drive deeper insights, predictions, and governance from their data at scale. Cloud integration is enhanced with disaster recovery (DR) to Azure SQL Managed Instance, along with no-ETL (extract, transform, and load) connections to cloud analytics, which allow database administrators to manage their data estates with greater flexibility and minimal impact to the end-user. Performance and scalability are automatically enhanced via built-in query intelligence. There is choice and flexibility across languages and platforms, including Linux, Windows, and Kubernetes.


  • Business continuity through Azure
    Disaster recovery in the cloud with link feature in Azure SQL Managed Instance.
  • Seamless analytics over on-prem operational data
    Break the wall between operational and analytical stores with Azure Synapse Link for SQL Server.

  • Visibility over your entire data estate
    SQL Server integrates with Azure Purview for greater data discovery, allowing you to break down data silos. 

  • Most secure over the last 10 years
    SQL Server is the least vulnerable database engine. SQL Server 2022 includes additional features to provide in-database blockchain capabilities to create an immutable track record of data modifications over time (SQL Server Ledger), support for AAD Authentication, enhanced encryption, and least privileges enablement for admin tasks.

  • Industry-leading performance and availability
    Accelerate query performance and tuning with no code changes required with Query Store and Intelligent Query Processing improvements. Keep multi-write environments running smoothly when you have users across multiple locations with conflict detection.


  • English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Italian, French, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Portuguese (Brazilian)


  • SQL Server 2022 | 64-bit ISO
  • SQL Server 2022 | 64-bit CAB

Other distributions


  1. Review SQL Server 2022 system requirements and release notes. (Hardware and software requirements for this release are the same as SQL Server 2019, except for .NET Framework 4.7.2.)
  2. Register, then download and install full-featured software for a 180-day trial
  3. Receive emails with resources to guide you through your evaluation.

Installation Guidelines

Note: You must have administrative rights on the computer to install SQL Server 2022.

After downloading and running the installer, you may perform an immediate Basic installation of the SQL Engine, a full Custom installation, or download the media only. If you select to download media only versus doing an installation, two media download formats are available to the folder of your choice:

SQL Server 2022 DVD (ISO) image

You can use the ISO image to mount and/or burn your own DVD.

  1. Right click on SQLServer2022-x64-{loc}.iso and select Mount.
  2. Locate and execute setup.exe on the mounted device to begin the installation.
  3. Using your DVD-burning software, select the options to burn a DVD from an .ISO image.
  4. After burning the DVD, locate and double-click Setup.exe on the DVD to begin the installation.

SQL Server 2022 CAB file

The SQL Server installer will download the following compressed files:

  1. SQLServer2022-x64-{loc}.box
  2. SQLServer2022-x64-{loc}.exe

SQL Server Linux Container image 

For instructions on how to pull and run SQL Server in a Linux container, please go to:  

SQL Server on Linux Packages

For instructions on how to obtain and install SQL Server on Linux, please go to:

Key notes about SQL Server

  • The Microsoft SQL Server release is NOT supported by Microsoft Customer Services and Support (CSS). 
  • The Microsoft SQL Server release is available for testing purposes only and should NOT be installed and used in production environments.

If you have questions or concerns that come up during your testing and evaluation, we encourage you to use the Azure Ideas forum for SQL Server to share your ideas, search for answers or ask new questions.

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  • SQL Server 2022 is the most Azure-enabled release of SQL Server yet, with continued innovation in security, availability, and performance.

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