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Windows Virtual Hardware Lab Kit


The Microsoft Virtual Hardware Lab Kit (VHLK) is the entire Hardware Lab Kit pre-installed and pre-configured on a VHDX, ready to boot. Use the VHLK to save setup time, quickly stand up a controller, and run Windows Hardware Certification from a virtual machine. For more details, check out the VHLK Getting Started Guide.


  • Ready to boot and use.
  • Run the HLK Controller as a virtual machine.
  • Host the HLK Controller virtual machine on developer machines instead of dedicated Controller hardware.

Additional information on installs

Developers, please visit the Windows Blog for more details including important guidance related to using Windows 10, version 1903 as guest Virtual Machine (VM).


  • English


  • Windows Virtual Hardware Lab Kit | 64-bit VHDX


The Windows Virtual Hardware Lab Kit (VHLK) is the entire Hardware Lab Kit pre-installed and pre-configured on a VHDX, ready to boot.

  1. Review the Windows Virtual Hardware Lab Kit  release notes and system requirements
  2. Register, then download and boot the VHLK, which includes a 180-day trial of Windows Server.

Installation Guidelines

  • Create a Gen-1 VM in Hyper-V to boot the VHLK as a virtual machine. Please see the getting started guide for more information, supported scenarios, and a complete setup guide.
  • If you wish to use the VHLK for more than 180 days, you will require a Windows Server license.

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