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Windows 11 Enterprise


This evaluation software is designed for IT professionals interested in trying Windows 11 Enterprise on behalf of their organization. We do not recommend that you install this evaluation if you are not an IT professional or are not professionally managing corporate networks or devices.

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Windows 11, version 23H2 is designed for flexible work, offering features and enhancements focused on productivity, collaboration, and security. Specifically:

  • Hardware-based protection from the chip to the cloud
  • A streamlined, intuitive, and powerful user experience
  • Inclusive and productive experiences for everyone

In addition to being the most secure version of Windows yet, version 23H2 offers new capabilities and improvements developed in direct response to enterprise feedback, including:

  • Granular management of Windows Firewall
  • The ability to use passkeys instead of passwords for apps and websites
  • “Never combined” mode for taskbar items
  • Presence sensing improvements to increase security and reduce energy use
  • Snipping Tool enhancements (screen recordings, text extraction, text redaction)

Looking for more information? See the Windows 11 overview.


  • English (United States), English (United Kingdom), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish


  • Windows 11 Enterprise, version 23H2 | 64-bit ISO


Note: Carefully read the information below before you continue with the download.

  1. See the Windows 11 device specifications for upgrade requirements and supported features. Certain features require additional hardware.
  2. Register, then download and install the full-featured software for a 90-day evaluation.
  3. Review related resources to guide you through your evaluation.

Installation Guidelines

  • Plan ahead. Back up your files and settings before installing this evaluation.
  • Upon installation, Windows will prompt you to activate. A product key is not required for this software.
  • To use Windows 11 Enterprise, you must sign into your PC with a Microsoft account. The option to create a local account will be made available at the time of the final release.
  • If you decide that you want to install Windows 11 Enterprise using one of the provided ISO files, you won't be able to uninstall it. In addition, after you install Windows 11 Enterprise, you won't be able to use the recovery partition on your PC to go back to your previous version of Windows. A clean installation of your former operating system will be required, and you will need to re-install all your programs and data.
  • If you fail to activate this evaluation after installation, or if your evaluation period expires, the desktop background will turn black, you will see a persistent desktop notification indicating that the system is not genuine, and the PC will shut down every hour.

Things to Know

  • Windows 11 is built on the Windows 10 code base so it’s natively compatible with the software and solutions you use today. In some cases, a device or program might not work or may require an update, or you might need to uninstall some programs and then reinstall them after installing the evaluation. Should you encounter a compatibility issue with a Microsoft application, independent software vendor (ISV) application, or custom in-house line of business (LOB) application, App Assure can help.
  • Downloading Windows 11 Enterprise could take a few hours. The exact time will depend on your provider, bandwidth, and traffic (ISP fees may apply).
  • For the latest information on additional requirements to use certain features, please see Windows 11 requirements. For technical questions, please visit the Windows 11 Tech Community or join the monthly Windows Office Hours.

Verify Download

If you would like to verify the data integrity and authenticity of your download, you can follow these steps:

  1. Download the ISO file and follow the installation guidelines.
  2. Launch Windows PowerShell. If you need help finding the location of PowerShell for your operating system, you can get help here.
  3. In PowerShell, compute the hash value for the ISO file you downloaded by using Get-FileHash. For example: Get-FileHash C:\Users\user1\Downloads\Contoso8_1_ENT.iso
  4. If the SHA256 output matches the value for the product that you downloaded listed in the Windows11EnterpriseHashValues.pdf, this confirms that the file has not been corrupted, tampered, or altered from the original.

For more information on the Get-FileHash command, see Get-FileHash (Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility).

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