World-class compliance solutions

Intelligent compliance and risk management solutions

Solutions to help you intelligently assess your compliance risks, govern and protect sensitive data and effectively respond to regulatory requirements.

Secure your data and mitigate risk in today’s remote work environment

Protect and govern data wherever it lives

Identify risks by locating data and understanding how it’s used. Help safeguard data wherever it lives by configuring protection and retention labels.
W screen displaying information protection capabilities in Microsoft 365
A laptop displaying Internal Risk Management tools in Microsoft 365

Identify and take action on critical insider risks

Correlate multiple signals, from activities to communications, to view and manage alerts on potential insider risks and remediate. Proactively monitor and address data access governance when employees leave or move between compliance boundaries.

Simplify compliance and reduce risk

Continuously assess, improve, and monitor compliance effectiveness with a risk-based score that automatically detects implemented controls. Map regulatory requirements to global data protection regulations and provide recommended actions with guidance to implement and test controls.

A tablet displaying Compliance Manager in Microsoft 365
A computer screen displaying discovery and response features in Microsoft 365

Investigate and respond with relevant data

Manage eDiscovery communications using tools to send and track custodian responses and escalate with reminders and manager notifications. Investigate data leakage, examine associated user activities, and take actions to remediate such as deleting associated data.

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