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Microsoft Research India: Year in Review

December 26, 2011 | Posted by Microsoft Research Blog

Posted by P. Anandan, managing director of Microsoft Research India

 Year in Review

The latest in a series of posts from the directors of Microsoft Research’s labs worldwide, this one from P. Anandan of Microsoft Research India.

Another exciting, eventful, and successful year comes to an end. Perhaps the most visible event during the seventh year in Microsoft Research India’s history was our move from our little nest called Scientia in the relatively quiet neighborhood of Sadashivnagar to a nice, new building named Vigyan in the heart of Bangalore. The space is larger and the neighborhood busier. We have managed to preserve the open, studiolike ambience our lab is famous for, thanks to careful design choices. The lovely courtyard on our floor, with its classical Indian wooden pillars, the vertical garden, and the slanted, tiled roofs, is perhaps even an enhancement over our previous digs.

On the work front, it was another year of great research results and publications, but it was also noteworthy for accolades received by some of our team members. Ravi Kannan was awarded the prestigious Knuth Prize. Sriram Rajamani was given the Computer Aided Verification Award, along with Tom Ball of Microsoft Research Redmond, for fundamental contributions to software model checking. Aishwarya Ratan was the third person from our lab to receive the MIT TR35 award. Venkat Padmanabhan has been named an IEEE Fellow. And Nisheeth Vishnoi was awarded the Indian National Science Academy Medal for Young Scientists.

As always, we have published many papers in top research conferences and won best-paper awards. In addition, many researchers have taken adjunct professorships at top Indian universities. Ed Cutrell was chosen as the latest member of the advisory board of the International Institute for Software Technology at United Nations University.

We held another great TechVista, in January in Pune, with more than 1,500 students and guests attending the talks and demos. And the year also featured a special, Rich Interactive Narratives presentation to President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia in May during Microsoft Research ConnectionsLatin American Faculty Summit.

As usual, we will begin the new year with TechVista in January, and I am looking forward to a year of even greater success, achievements, and fun.