August 1, 1996 - August 3, 1996

Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI) ’96

Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

Venue: Vollum Center at Reed College (opens in new tab) & Oregon Convention Center

uai96The UAI conference is organized under the auspices of the Association for Uncertainty in AI (AUAI (opens in new tab)). The Association home page contains information on several issues, including the UAI mailing list for email postings and discussions of topics related to the representation and management of uncertain information. UAI ’96 was the Twelfth Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence.

UAI ’96 Full-Day Course

A one-day intensive UAI course was given on Wednesday, July 31, the day before the start of the main UAI ’96 conference. The course provided an immersive review of key topics in computational methods for reasoning under uncertainty. Access the Full-Day Course Program (opens in new tab).

Program Chairs

General Conference Chair

  • Steve Hanks, University of Washington

Program Committee

  • Fahiem Bacchus, University of Waterloo
  • Salem Benferhat, IRIT Universite Paul Sabatier
  • Philippe Besnard, IRISA
  • Mark Boddy, Honeywell Technology Center
  • Piero Bonissone, General Electric Research Laboratoyy
  • Craig Boutilier, University of British Columbia
  • Jack Breese, Microsoft Research
  • Wray Buntine, Thinkbank
  • Luis M. de Campos, Universidad de Granada
  • Enrique Castillo, Universidad de Cantabria
  • Eugene Charniak, Brown University
  • Greg Cooper, University of Pittsburgh
  • Bruce D’Ambrosio, Oregon State University
  • Paul Dagum, Stanford University
  • Adnan Darwiche, Rockwell Science Center, Thousand Oaks
  • Tom Dean, Brown University
  • Denise Draper, University of Washington
  • Marek Druzdzel, University of Pittsburgh
  • Didier Dubois, IRIT Universite Paul Sabatier
  • Ward Edwards, University of Southern California
  • Kazuo Ezawa, AT&T Labs
  • Nir Friedman, Stanford University
  • Robert Fung, Prevision
  • Linda van der Gaag, Utrecht University
  • Hector Geffner, Universidad Simon Bolivar
  • Dan Geiger, Technion
  • Lluis Godo, Campus Universitat Autonoma Barcelona
  • Robert Goldman, Honeywell Technology Center
  • Moises Goldszmidt, Rockwell Palo Alto Laboratory
  • Adam Grove, NEC Research Institute
  • Peter Haddawy, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Petr Hajek, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
  • Joseph Halpern, IBM Almaden Research Center
  • Steve Hanks, University of Washington
  • Othar Hansson, Thinkbank
  • Peter Hart, Ricoh California Research Center
  • David Heckerman, Microsoft Research
  • Max Henrion, Lumina
  • Frank Jensen, Hugin Expert A/S
  • Michael Jordan, MIT

  • Leslie Pack Kaelbling, Brown University
  • Uffe Kjaerulff, Aalborg University
  • Daphne Koller, Stanford University
  • Paul Krause, Imperial Cancer Research Fund
  • Rudolf Kruse, University of Braunschweig
  • Henry Kyburg, University of Rochester
  • Jerome Lang, IRIT Universite Paul Sabatier
  • Kathryn Laskey, George Mason University
  • Paul Lehner, George Mason University
  • John Lemmer, Rome Laboratory
  • Tod Levitt, IET
  • Ramon Lopez de Mantaras, Spanish Scientific Research Council, CSIC
  • David Madigan, University of Washington
  • Christopher Meek, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Serafin Moral, Universidad de Granada
  • Eric Neufeld, University of Saskatchewan
  • Ann Nicholson, Monash University
  • Ramesh Patil, Information Sciences Institute, USC
  • Judea Pearl, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Kim Leng Poh, National University of Singapore
  • David Poole, University of British Columbia
  • Henri Prade, IRIT Universite Paul Sabatier
  • Greg Provan, Institute for Learning Systems
  • Enrique Ruspini, SRI International
  • Romano Scozzafava, Dip. Me.Mo.Mat., Rome, Italy
  • Ross Shachter, Stanford University
  • Prakash Shenoy, University of Kansas
  • Philippe Smets, IRIDIA Universite libre de Bruxelles
  • David Spiegelhalter, Cambridge University
  • Peter Spirtes, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Milan Studeny, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
  • Sampath Srinivas, Microsoft
  • Jaap Suermondt, Hewlett Packard Laboratories
  • Marco Valtorta, University of South Carolina
  • Michael Wellman, University of Michigan
  • Nic Wilson, Oxford Brookes University
  • Y. Xiang, University of Regina
  • Hong Xu, IRIDIA Universite libre de Bruxelles
  • John Yen, Texas A&M University
  • Lian Wen Zhang, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology