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A.J. Brush

Principal Program Manager

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Interns and Students Supervised

  • Gabe Martinez, Cortana Devices, Summer 2017 (with Spencer King)
  • UWHCID Capstone project mentor for the Sound Choice project, Summer 2014, Prototype a smart watch system that translates sounds in the home to tactile and visual cues.
  • Dimitris Papanikolaou, Summer 2014, Connected Furniture
  • Erin Griffiths, Summer 2013, Healthy Furniture
  • Sarah Mennicken, Summer 2013, Interactive Furniture
  • Jason Wiese, Summer 2012 (with Scott Saponas) Human activity inference
  • Ryder Ziola, Summer 2011 (with Scott Saponas) Human activity inference
  • Hong Lu, Summer 2010 (with Bodhi Priyantha, Jie Liu, Amy Karlson) Speech recognition for mobile devices
  • Shah Amini, Summer 2010 (with John Krumm, Amy Karlson, Jaime Teevan) Mobile search with destination prediction
  • Andres Neyem, Summer 2009 (with Ranveer Chandra) Proximity sensing
  • Lana Yarosh, Summer 2009 (with Kori Inkpen) Free play over video by children
  • Junius Gunaratne, Spring 2009 Sharing during mobile calls
  • Marshini Chetty, Summer 2008 Home computer power management
  • Adrienne Andrew, Spring 2008, (with Amy Karlson) Mobile micronote capture using voice and ink
  • Serge Egelman, Winter 2008, (with Kori Inkpen) Account management on home computers
  • Kate Everitt, Summer 2007, (with Merrie Morris) Linking paper and digital documents
  • Andrea Grimes, Summer 2006, Life scheduling and home/work calendar management
  • Kimberly Tee, Summer 2006, Spring 2007, Communication and Sharing between extended family members
  • Carman Neustaedter, Summer 2004, Summer 2005, LINC, an inkable family calendar

Selected Press