Portrait of Hal Daumé III

Hal Daumé III

Principal Researcher


I am a researcher at Microsoft Research in New York City, part of the machine learning group here; I am also an associate professor at the University of Maryland. I work mostly in natural language processing and machine learning; together with awesome colleagues, I study questions related to how to get machines to becomes more adept at human language, by developing models and algorithms that allow them to learn from data. The two major questions that really drive my research these days are:

How can we get computers to learn language through natural interaction with people/users?
How can we do this in a way that promotes fairness, transparency and explainability in the learned models?

I’ve discussed interactive learning informally recently in a Talking Machines Podcost and more technically in recent talks; and have discussed fairness/bias in broad terms in a recent blog post.

More information is available on my personal webpage: hal3.name.