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Miah Wander



I am a builder of things. I have a small, but capable shop in my basement, and have built a number of woodworking projects. I have also combined my interest in building with neural engineering and built a variety of outreach goodies. If you’re interested in building something similar and want code / designs / sketchup models / etc, please don’t hesitate to email.



2015: I’m an uncle now, so I welcomed my niece into the world with a birch crib. It was a fun build, my mom did a lot of the sanding and it was great to work in the shop with her on a project. Almost had to cut the thing apart though to get it down the hallway in my sister’s house. Lesson learned: include installation plans in the design phase.



cribbage2014: Merry Christmas to the Bauders. This cribbage board was my first attempt at building something using a CNC mill. It’s made of birds-eye maple body with bubinga accents. After a little bit of fiddling with the mill, I ended up with a result that we were all super happy with.





2014: To pair with the credenza below, I built a low-boy entertainment center . It also involved many lessons learned, including my first attempt at using hardwood ply (which worked beautifully), but I am happy with the result. I ended up using an IR repeater, so all of the gadgets inside can stay behind closed doors and still be functional.






credenza2013: This credenza was the most daunting woodworking project I’d done to date, but I’ve had a great time with it. Lots of lessons learned, etc. It ended up being nearly 100 boardfeet of cherry and holds approximately two cases of wine, as well as whatever Leslie wants to put in the drawers and single cabinet in the middle.




wb2013: WrestleBrainia3000 is a competitive biosignal-based virtual arm-wrestling game. Dev Sarma, Vivek Paramasivam and I built it for the first-annual Tech Sandbox competition at the CSNE. It records EMG from two users and, normalizes each signal independently, and maps a differential control signal to two robotic, pink monkey arms. Since the competition, the poject has generated a ton of interest: In the past 4 months, it’s been taken to a few outreach events and used by over 1000 kids; we’ve gotten some press.



mame2013: I helped my friends Iris and Rich put together this behemoth MAME Arcade Emulator . Iris designed the cabinet to be modular so that it could eventually get moved out of their basement, and it’s built out of particleboard and pine. If you think it looks like it has a lot of buttons, you’re absolutely right, it does. It supports 4-P, 8-button gameplay.




coffee2012: Using some of the oak flooring left in our house by the previous owners, I built this Coffee Table . Thanks to mom for all of the sanding she did getting the pegs flush with the table top. It features splined mitre joints and is finished with a pecan colored stain and oil-based polyurethane.






entry2012: An entry table . This is the second project I did with left-over oak flooring, implementing some of the lessons learned from the first go around, and leveraging my new (at the time) jointer and planer. The milling accuracy of the components of this piece were my best to date, and it really made a difference during assembly and glue up. Finished with a pecan colored stain and oil based polyurethane., it seems to be standing up to all of the wear and tear we can give it.





emg-rc2010: This EMG-controlled RC Car was really the first instantiation of WrestleBrainia. Similarly, it records EMG from a research-class biosignal amplifier, performs some feature extraction and signal processing, and sends a few derived control signals over WiFi to an arduino-based RC car. I built this with Lise Johnson just as the CSNE was ramping up so they had a neat outreach toy to show off. Here’s a YouTube video showing it in action. I apologize for the low quality.



table2010: My first woodworking project here in Seattle, was this couch table that I built to use a big plank of cedar that I had lying around in my shop. The legs and skirt are built out of poplar and joined with mortise and tenon joinery. This was built before I had much of a shop put together, so I made it all with a circular saw and a free-hand router. Yikes.




jewelry2008: This jewelry cabinet was my first real woodworking project, and I built it to give to Leslie as a wedding present. It is solid oak, with felt and a mirror inside. The case is joined with through dovetails, and the dummy that I am, I made the whole thing about 14 inches wide, so I had to build the mitred molding so I could mount it to the studs.