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I am a Principal Researcher and co-manager of the Research in Software Engineering (RiSE) group in Microsoft Research, Redmond Washington, a group of over 30 researchers and developers working on programming languages and software engineering.

Previously, I was an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Colorado from 1990-1998. I have a BS from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1982) and an MS (1984) and PhD (1989) from the University of California at Berkeley.

My research interests include programming language design and implementation and performance measurement and analysis.

I have served as an Associate Editor of the ACM journalsTransactions on Programming Languages and Systems and Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization and I am currently a member of the ACM SIGPLAN Executive Committee. I have also served as the Program Chair (1999) and General Chair (2010) of PLDI and am currently serving as a member of the Computing Community Consortium (CCC) Council.  For further information about my research and professional activities, please see my vita.


Logan: Logfile Analysis

Established: October 12, 2015

Understanding Techniques and Tools for More Effective Telemetry and Log Data Analysis. Increasingly, business processes require data-driven real-time feedback based on large quantities of log data and customer telemetry from multiple sources. The Logan Project takes a…

JSMeter: Measuring JavaScript Web Applications

Established: March 2, 2010

The goal of JSMeter is to measure the runtime behavior of JavaScript programs. Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of JavaScript engine implementations. Can you tell the JavaScript benchmark from the Real Web App?   …

Detection of JavaScript-based Malware

Established: December 8, 2008

Nozzle: Runtime heap spray detector Nozzle is a runtime monitoring infrastructure that detects attempts by attackers to spray the heap. Nozzle uses lightweight emulation techniques to detect the presence of objects that contain executable code. To reduce false positives, we developed…









Embedded Systems Research at DemoFest’07
Oscar Almeida, Alessandro Forin, Philip Garcia, Johannes Helander, Nishith Khantal, Hong Lu, Karl Meier, Sibin Mohan, Henrik Frystyk Nielsen, Neil Pittman, Risto Serg, Bharat Sukhwani, Margus Veanes, Ben Zorn, Sarah Berry, Chris Boyce, David Chaszar, Brandon Culrich, Mikhail Kisin, Gabe Knezek, Warren Linam-Church, Steve Liu, Michael Stewart, Doug Toney, July 1, 2007, View abstract, Download PDF





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July 20, 2015


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