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Established: October 12, 2020


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Project Insight is a collaboration between Microsoft Health Next Enable team and Team Gleason Foundation. The Enable team is utilizing advance Artificial Intelligence techniques to develop state-of-the-art deep neural networks, machine learning algorithms and inclusive designs towards development of hardware-agnostic gaze-trackers as accessibility technology. We are trying to solve the challenges in affordability, reliability, inter-operability and ease-of-use through our on-going work. We are investigating the use of the front-facing camera already present in most computing devices to predict where a person is looking on a screen. Our research shows promise that one day soon any computer, tablet, or phone will be controllable using just your eyes due to the prediction capabilities of deep neutral networks.

Existing computer vision and machine learning datasets do not represent the diversity of people with ALS. This results in issues with the accuracy of identifying breathing masks, ptosis (droopy eyelids), epiphora (watery eyes), and dry eyes due to medications that control sialorrhea (excessive saliva). To tackle this challenge of ‘data-desert’, we are partnering with the Team Gleason Foundation to gather images of people with ALS looking at their computer so that AI models can be trained inclusively. This will lead to the creation of an open dataset of facial imagery of people living with ALS, to help advance innovation in computer vision and broaden the input potential for connectivity and communication.

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Project Insight