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Established: June 29, 2012


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The Tools for Software Engineers (TSE) / 1ES team’s mission is to enable the world’s best engineering teams with world-class tools and systems that help them ship products their customers love. 1ES contributes to and innovates on major parts of Microsoft’s engineering system.


Project CloudBuild provides a cloud-based build and unit test system and service to tens of thousands of developers across Microsoft. It provides fast, reliable, resource-effective, and convenient builds through incremental, cached, and scaled-out computations.

Microsoft Build Accelerator is a build engine that uses datacenter distribution and caching along with thousands of machines and petabytes of cache to build Microsoft’s largest codebases that use half a terabyte of source code to generate terabytes of output per build.

CloudTest provides additional capability to execute integration tests at scale. The same principles of distribution and incrementality guide CloudTest and CloudBuild and result in an efficient test execution even for our largest projects.

CloudMine provides rich engineering data infrastructure and analysis for source code changes, work items, code reviews, testing and deployment to all product groups across Microsoft. It powers engineering dashboards, and a playground for data science focused on understanding the current engineering process and planning additional improvements.

Collaborate With Us!

TSE has combination of world class engineers and leading software engineering researchers. Our customers are product groups within Microsoft. We are always open to collaboration with academia and we often host visiting researchers. Our interns are typically students with interests in programming languages, distributed systems, information retrieval, or empirical software engineering.

About Internships

Internships at Microsoft last 12 weeks and can be of research or engineering nature. Most of our research projects are designed to result in a publication, which is especially valuable for PhD students. However, all our projects also focus on internal impact for Microsoft – that means solving real world industry problems. Accepted applicants will receive a competitive offer to join Microsoft USA in Redmond for the period of 12 weeks. Microsoft will cover travel expenses, provide corporate housing, and offers competitive salaries. During your internship you will be able to work with a team of high quality and experienced software engineers and researchers. More details can be provided once we got your application.