Face verification has many potential applications including filtering and ranking image/video search results on celebrities. Since these images/videos are taken under uncontrolled environments, the problem is very challenging due to dramatic lighting and pose variations, low resolutions, compression artifacts, etc. In addition, the available number of training images for each celebrity may be limited, hence learning individual classifiers for each person may cause overfitting. In this paper, we propose two ideas to meet the above challenges. First, we propose to use individual bins, instead of whole histograms, of Local Binary Patterns (LBP) as features for learning, which yields significant performance improvements and computation reduction in our experiments. Second, we present a novel Multi-Task Learning (MTL) framework, called Boosted MTL, for face verification with limited training data. It jointly learns classifiers for multiple people by sharing a few boosting classifiers in order to avoid overfitting. The effectiveness of Boosted MTL and LBP bin features is verified with a large number of celebrity images/videos from the web.