[2008] Sri Andal Temple Digital Heritage Interactive Walkthrough Demo


October 17, 2008


This is an extended version of the video showcase published in CHI 2009. This demo was completed in October, 2008.

CHI 2009 Showcase Information:
Title: Digital Heritage
Authors: Archana Prasad, Aditya Sankar, Joseph Joy, Naren Datha, Ajay Manchepalli

The India Digital Heritage Project is a collaborative initiative between the industry and academia, with the aim of using novel techniques to efficiently capture and present various aspects of India’s diverse heritage, while at the same time advancing the state-of-the art in related research areas.

As part of the Digital Heritage Project, we have built a prototype virtual tour of a South Indian temple that, for the first time, integrates technologies such as Photosynth and HDView, opening up new ways to interactively explore visually complex sites. These technologies are combined with audio, video and guided walkthroughs, to provide a compelling end user experience. The accompanying video highlights the key scenarios of our prototype.