Data Interoperability – Dynamic Generation of Interactive Ecosystem Report Cards Using Silverlight and Virtual Earth


December 9, 2008


Jane Hunter, Abdulmonem Alabri, and Andrew Newman



Jane Hunter, Abdulmonem Alabri, and Andrew Newman

Prof. Jane Hunter leads the eResearch group based in the School of ITEE, at the University of Queensland. For the past 10 years her team has been working with biologists, protein crystallographers, marine scientists, social scientists and humanities researchers, oceanographers, ecologists, linguists, museums and libraries – developing software tools to help them capture, discover, share, archive, preserve, publish and re-use knowledge. She has been an active participant in international IT initiatives (Dublin Core, MPEG, W3C). She is currently a member of: the CODATA Taskforce on the Exchange and Re-use of Materials data; the Advisory Committee of the Open Archives Initiative for Object Exchange and Re-use (OAI-ORE); DELOS Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries; co-chair of APAN’s (Asia Pacific Advanced Network) eScience working group; and on the Semantic Grid Working group. She is on the Editorial Board of IEEE Multimedia, the Elsevier Journal of Web Semantics and the International Journal of Digital Curation and on the program committees of numerous international conferences associated with Semantic Web, Digital Libraries and eScience. Current and past collaborators include: National Library of Australia, Cornell University, the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian, UKOLN, UK Digital Curation Centre and a number of UK eScience Centres. She has published over 60 peer-reviewed publications in the areas of multimedia digital libraries, the semantic web and eScience.

Abdul Alabri, BE (UQ), ME (QUT) is a research assistant working at the eResearch lab at The University of Queensland. Abdul is also a PhD candidate working in spatiotemporal querying and visualization services for understanding and modeling ecosystems under the supervision of Prof. Jane Hunter. He has been working on a number of key research projects, including Modeling and Analysis of Biological Network Activity (BioMANTA), Australian Research Enabling Environment (ARCHER) and Annotex. Notably, Abdul has previously been employed by the Department of Natural Resources and Water working on software development and maintenance of water quality data collection systems. Abdul is a key researcher on the Health-e-Waterways project which aims to develop cyber-infrastructure to address new management and decision-making challenges concerning Queensland’s water supply. In particular, it aims to enable and promote the sharing and collaborative integration and analysis of high quality information concerning water.