Future Decoded Quantum Computing Keynote


October 31, 2017


Leo Kouwenhoven, Krysta Svore


The closing keynote of Microsoft Future Decoded 2017, Welcome to the Quantum Age, featured two of the world’s leading Quantum Computing researchers – Prof Leo Kouwenhoven and Dr Krysta Svore from Microsoft Quantum Research team. The keynote began by explaining what quantum computing is, and looked at the big computational problems that we can’t solve with today’s computers but which quantum computers will be able to tackle.

Leo then talked about the Qubits, the quantum bits that will be at the heart of quantum computers, and some of the work being done in his lab to create Qubits that will, in time, allow the building of truly scalable quantum computers. Krysta then talked about the software she and her team are building that will run on these machines, the simulators we have that allow us to build and test that software now, and the kinds of problems in medicine, chemicals, engineering, information security, big data and AI that may be tackled with quantum computers. The keynote closed with a discussion on the impact this will have on business, and what steps business and technology leaders should take to be ready for the quantum age.

Learn about Microsoft’s unique approach to Quantum Computing. For more information, visit: https://www.microsoft.com/quantum