Genomics – Harnessing the World’s Computers to Hunt for Disease-provoking Genes


December 8, 2008


Assaf Schuster, Mark Silberstein, and Dan Geiger



Assaf Schuster, Mark Silberstein, and Dan Geiger

Prof. Assaf Schuster ( interests are in the areas of data streams, data mining, parallel and distributed and grid computing. Since 1991 he is with the Computer Science department at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. At the Technion he established and is heading the Distributed Systems Laboratory (DSL He published over 140 papers in his areas of expertise in prestigious conferences and high-quality journals. He regularly participates in program committees for conferences on knowledge discovery in large systems, and conferences on parallel and distributed computing. He consults the hi-tech industry and government agencies on related issues and is the inventor of several patents. He serves as an associate editor of the distinguished journals: Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, and IEEE Transactions on Computers. He supervises fifteen master and doctor students, and takes part in large national and international projects as an expert on data management, knowledge discovery in databases, grid and distributed computing. His group participate as a partner (specializing on core HPC, grid and data mining technologies) in several national and European projects.

Mark Silberstein:’m a last year PhD student at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, supervised by D. Geiger and A. Schuster. My research focus is high performance parallel and distributed computing with the application to genetic linkage analysis. The outcome of my work is the distributed system for genetic linkage analysis, Superlink-online (, used by geneticists worldwide. The system employs thousands of non-dedicated computers for the parallel execution of the analysis, and recently has been extended to work on GPUs. Before starting my PhD I worked for IBM at Haifa Research Lab in the Grid computing group.