Microsoft Design Expo 2016: University of Washington

Each year, Microsoft Research sponsors a semester-long class at leading design schools. Students are asked to form interdisciplinary teams of two to four students to design a user experience prototype that solves a real-world problem. From these groups, a representative team from each school presents its work to Microsoft.

This year’s design challenge is ‘Achieving Symbiosis and the Conversational User Interface (CUI).’

Design Expo began as partnership from Microsoft and Apple to integrate technology into the curriculum of design schools worldwide. The goal is to build long term relationship with the design schools, and build community across schools.

For more information on this year’s theme, participating schools, and past Design Expos, click here.

Rob Girling, Cliff Kuang, Lisa Strausfeld, Bill Buxton, Angelica Cupat, Chloe Lee, Naoki Hisamoto, Rishi Agarwal, Stephen Coyner
Artefact, Fast Company, Information Art, Microsoft, University of Washington