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December 9, 2008


Carole Goble, Kalid Belhajjame, and Franck Tanoh



Carole Goble, Kalid Belhajjame, and Franck Tanoh

Professor Carole Goble is a full Professor at the University of Manchester, UK. he co-leads the Information Management Group of some 70 researchers. Her research interests are in ontologies, the Semantic Web and the Semantic Grid, and their application to e-Science. She was one of the founding leaders of the UK’s e-Science activity, participating in numerous e-Science project, most notably in the Life Sciences. She is the Director of the myGrid e-Science project, which includes the popular Taverna Workflow Workbench and a new initiative called myExperiment, a social network space for workflow exchange and scientific gossip. She is the chair of the Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute-UK, an institute of software engineers for hardening and supporting the outcomes of the UK’s e-Science programme. She also co-directs the e-Science North West Regional Centre. In Europe she is the Technical Director of the OntoGrid EU FP6 project which has devised the first reference (and deployed) architecture for the Semantic Grid. She was also until recently the Research Director of the Knowledge Web network for orchestrating research on the Semantic Web throughout Europe. She has published over 160 papers, has served on all the prestigious conferences in the various fields she embraces, and has given numerous keynote talks in Semantic Web, Web, Life Sciences and Grid Computing, covering most of the top conferences. This year she her keynotes include: IJCAI07, the 3rd Intl e-Social Science Conference, Integrative Biology 2007, Grid 2007 the Semantic Web and Life Sciences workshop and the Biology Open Source Conference 2007. In 2006 she was the co-PC chair of the WWW Conference. She currently serves on 17 international advisory committees in semantics, grid, publishing and e-Science.

When she isn’t doing all that she watches Blackburn Rovers play football and goes shopping. She lives in Manchester with her husband, two cats and a lot of shoes.