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Overview: FastTrack your security deployment

Get a comprehensive view of your security deployment journey.

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Headline: Envision your security deployment

Plan your security deployment. Here’s a checklist to get started.

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Now that you have a plan, deploy

Actions for successful security deployment execution.

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Get the most value from your security deployment

Drive user adoption.

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Top 10 actions you can take to improve security

Top 10 deployment actions with Microsoft 365 security

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Accelerate your security deployment with FastTrack for Microsoft 365

How FastTrack for M365 helps customers accelerate their security deployments

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See how M365 security solutions measure up to industry standards

This whitepaper explains how M365 security solutions adhere to the NIST cybersecurity framework

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Enable your users to work securely from anywhere, anytime, across devices

Microsoft 365 Security solutions enable users who are working remotely to work securely. The balance between productivity and security is achieved using a solution that incorporates managing identities, managing devices, then securing applications, email, and data.

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Protect your data in files, apps, and devices

Most companies focus their security solutions around users, devices, and apps, but often overlook the data that they are trying to protect. Here we offer solutions to protecting your data.

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Cybersecurity threats: How to discover, remediate, and mitigate

Security breaches are inevitable. You need to discover threats quickly, remediate immediately, and mitigate the impact of malware and breaches.

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Protect your users and their identities

Manage identities as your first step to providing access to corporate resources and restricting users who are high risk.

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Collaborate and share documents securely in real time

Empower your employees to create, edit, and share a single document securely with multiple stakeholders.

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Empower people to discover, share, and edit files and information securely

Microsoft 365 has simplified and secured the process of information gathering so that employees can easily gather data, expert opinions, edits, and responses in a single document—from only the right people.

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Store and share files inside and outside your organization to work securely across organizational boundaries

Cumbersome restrictions and limitations on mobile devices, apps, and remote access can be taxing from an IT perspective and frustrating for your employees. Users need to be able to create, access, and share files from anywhere, but you also need to ensure that these actions are safe and secure.

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Maintain compliance with controls and visibility that adhere to global standards

Employees need to access, generate, and share organizational information ranging from extremely confidential to informal. You must ensure that all information and the movement of that information comply with industry standards without inhibiting workflow.

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Microsoft Secure

Accelerate learning about Microsoft cybersecurity solutions.

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Enterprise Mobility + Security

Get up to speed on Enterprise Mobility + Security topics.

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Microsoft Azure Security

Discover the ways Azure provides advanced cybersecurity.

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Securing Office 365

Read how Office 365 ensures data privacy, compliance, and security.

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Microsoft Security Response Center

Learn how Microsoft stays current and responds to new cyberthreats.

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Microsoft Security Guidance

Keep current on the latest Microsoft security products and updates.

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