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Strengthen your Zero Trust posture—a new, unified approach to security is here

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Microsoft Defender for Identity

Detect and respond to advanced identity cyberthreats across your organization.

People working in the Microsoft Security Response Center, looking at information on large desktop monitors.

Identity protection and security

Use Defender for Identity to help security operations teams manage identity risk and spot advanced identity-based cyberthreats.

Comprehensive protection

Get visibility, posture recommendations, and protections for your unique identity footprint.

Advanced detections

Spot identity cyberthreats in real time with preconfigured alerts and detections for common and emerging cyberattack patterns.

Incident-level visibility

Correlate identity alerts with signals from across Microsoft Defender XDR for true incident-level visibility.

Intelligent automation

Automatically take action on compromised identities to stop identity cyberattacks in real time.

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Learn how Defender for Identity, a core element of the Microsoft identity threat detection and response (ITDR) solution, can help you prevent, detect, and respond to identity-based cyberattacks.


Help secure your modern identity landscape with cloud-powered intelligence from Defender for Identity.

Streamline your ITDR initiative

Use personalized insights and real-time data within a central dashboard that aggregates all identity-specific information from across your organization.

Identities, Filters: User name, Affiliation, Type, App, Groups, Investigation priority, Admin

Build a comprehensive identity inventory

Gain greater visibility into your unique identity landscape with a comprehensive inventory of cloud and on-premises identities.

A dashboard assessing alerts and risky activities with an Investigation priority score of 40.

Investigate at-risk identities

Explore detailed views of each unique identity’s activities, recent alerts, and overall risk score.

Examples of alerts that Microsoft Defender for Identity can generate

Use industry-leading detections

Identify cyberthreats quickly and accurately with prebuilt identity detections and prioritized alerts for the latest cyberattack strategies.

The configuration of an action account, which is used to perform actions on Active Directory users, such as disabling a user and resetting a password.

Respond at machine speed

Immediately restrict identities confirmed as compromised so they can’t persist in your organization or be further exploited.

WOODGROVE Microsoft Defender Initiatives: Identity Security, Zero Trust, Vulnerability Assessment, Ransomware Protection

Minimize cyberattack surface area

Easily identify configuration vulnerabilities and potential cyberattack paths and get recommendations on how to resolve them.

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Unified security operations platform

Secure your digital estate with the only security operations (SecOps) platform that unifies the full capabilities of extended detection and response (XDR) and security information and event management (SIEM).

Animation of microsoft defender dashboard homepage

Unified portal

Detect and disrupt cyberthreats in near real time and streamline investigation and response.

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Streamline identity protection

Redraw your security perimeter with identity threat detection and response (ITDR) strategies.

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Siemens logo
When Siemens pivoted to a cloud-first approach, it turned to Microsoft Security solutions as the base for its Zero Trust posture and implemented a range of security solutions, including Microsoft Defender for Identity, to create the blueprint for ongoing, dynamic security enhancements.
 Heineken logo
Heineken turned to Microsoft Security solutions to blend security with the agility it needs to “brew a better world”—and a brighter future.

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