RSA Conference 2021

May 17 – May 20, 2021 | Digital event


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Managing Access Entitlements & Their Lifecycle in a Multi-Cloud Environment

Victoria Almazova, Security Architect

Anmol Singh, Security Architect

A shift to multicloud strategy renders the long-established identity and access management (IAM) controls for managing access entitlements ineffective and therefore requires attention to security risks emanating from poor cloud access governance. This session will identify the key impacts of this transition on an organization's existing access entitlements management practices and will offer recommendations to address those impacts.

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Personal Threat Models and, Speculatively, Privacy Governance

Bethan Cantrell, Privacy Officer and Strategist, Microsoft

Personal threat modeling can be a simple and informative self-assessment. It can be contextualized to help people understand how choices within different technology and service environments may affect their privacy, security, and potentially, their agency. Speculatively, developer environments can learn from those threat models to create more respectful, safe services from the start.

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Navigating the Biometric Anatomy

Chris Hydak, Senior Attorney, Microsoft

How can organizations enable biometric solutions in a compliant and responsible manner? This session will provide a roadmap to design and launch biometric systems, both as a technology platform and as a business with first-party relationships with consumers. The session will draw practical lessons from the dizzying labyrinth of global laws governing biometrics.

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Getting Cybersecurity Funding from Your CEO: The 5 Critical Steps

Cynthia James, Enterprise Security Executive, Microsoft

CEOs are notoriously undereducated on cybersecurity while representing a company’s biggest vulnerabilities (more targeted, less aware). They often underfund efforts while blaming IT when things fail. In this session, attendees will learn to speak the CEO’s language and turn this paradigm around! It’s easier than most may think. We’ve broken it down into five critical steps with free tools included.

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A Year of Living Dangerously: Resilience After COVID & Killer Hornets

Lisa Lee, Chief Security Advisor, Global Lead for Financial Services, Microsoft (Panelist)

Killer hornets, a pandemic, wildfires—how can organizations plan for the impossible when the impossible keeps happening? The panelists will share unique challenges they faced while working through a difficult year, sifting through the shocking surprises of the past twelve months and discussing lessons learned to strengthen continuity and resilience planning for the next wave.

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ATT&CK for Adversarial Machine Learning: Tacky or Tasty?

Ram Shankar Siva Kumar, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft (Panelist)

To respond to the growing threat of attacks on machine learning systems, twelve organizations, including Microsoft, MITRE, Bosch, IBM, and NVIDIA, came together to design the first Adversarial ML Threat Matrix fashioned after the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Join this session to help refine the framework and brainstorm how it can be used in practice.

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MDR: Making Sense of the Veg-o-Matic Buzzword Blender

Lisa Lee, Chief Security Advisor, Global Lead for Financial Services, Microsoft (Panelist)

It slices! It dices! It makes julienne fries! Some vendors tout managed detection and response (MDR) as the answer to every security problem. But behind the shiny buzzwords are clear distinctions between capabilities.

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Your Cyber Journey—You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

Lisa Lee, Chief Security Advisor, Global Lead for Financial Services, Microsoft (Panelist)

For women working in cybersecurity or privacy, career paths are not often straight lines. This panel of powerhouse trailblazers spoke at RSAC eight years ago about the challenges many women were facing. Now hear the rest of the story: from the sticky floor to the glass ceiling (and the corporate ladder in between), from practitioner to board member—journeys full of humor and resilience.

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A Year Spent Virtually: The Lasting Effect of the COVID Pandemic on Privacy

Julie Brill, Chief Privacy Officer (Panelist)

The COVID pandemic and the events of 2020 gave urgency to an already pressing issue: the need to protect privacy while using data to address the world’s most critical societal challenges. Experts will discuss society’s rapid digital transformation in response to COVID, the role of data in recovery, and the new and urgent opportunities for businesses and governments to protect data.

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