When your team is two steps ahead, security is innovation

Protect your organization from threats across devices, identities, apps, data, and clouds.

The most unified SIEM and XDR in the industry

Microsoft is applying learnings from 2020 to create a more unified approach to security. Learn how we’re helping to ensure you have richer context, more connectors and automation to stay secure.​

Get the best of both worlds

Imagine having visibility into threats across all your resources, AI that stitches signals together and tells you what’s most important, and the ability to respond swiftly across the organization. With security information and event management (SIEM) and extended detection and response (XDR) from Microsoft, defenders are armed with all the context and automation needed to stop even the most sophisticated, cross-domain attacks.

Integrated, comprehensive security

Get end-to-end visibility across all your resources.

AI and automation

Reduce signal overload using AI and deep insights.

Leverage time and insights

Use time saved to apply knowledge and stop threats.

Gain greater efficiencies for your SecOps

Integrated threat protection from Microsoft empowers your organization’s defenders by putting the right tools and intelligence in the hands of the right people. Get insights across your entire organization, end to end, with our cloud-native SIEM Azure Sentinel. Use integrated, automated, extended detection and response (XDR) to increase efficiency and effectiveness with Microsoft Defender. Defend against modern attacks with cloud-native SIEM and XDR.

Microsoft 365 E5 benefit with Azure Sentinel

Microsoft 365 E5 and Microsoft 365 E5 Security customers can get Azure credits of up to 100 MB/user per month of Microsoft 365 data ingestion, which can save a typical 3,500-seat deployment $1,500 per month.

RapidDeploy helps save lives with Azure Sentinel

First responders act fast with the help of cloud-based dispatch systems from RapidDeploy. Azure Sentinel provides complete visibility, automated responses, and fast deployment with a low total cost of ownership.


“Azure Security Center gives us the single pane of glass that enables us to improve our cloud security posture. We can now view recommendations on how to secure our services, receive threat alerts for our workloads, and quickly pass all that information to Azure Sentinel for intelligent threat hunting."


Stuart Gregg, Cyber Security Operations Lead, ASOS

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The Microsoft threat protection suite is available through Microsoft Azure Sentinel, our security information and event management (SIEM) tool, and Microsoft Defender, our approach to extended detection and response (XDR). Microsoft 365 Defender provides XDR capabilities for end-user environments (email, documents, identity, apps, and endpoint). Azure Defender provides XDR capabilities for infrastructure and cloud platforms including virtual machines, databases, containers, and IoT.