A unified gateway to security insights

Build solutions that correlate alerts, get context for investigation, and automate security operations from a unified Microsoft Graph Security API.

Microsoft Graph Security API

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Unify and standardize alerts

Access alerts from Microsoft Graph Security providers. Correlate with a common schema and sync status.

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Get context to inform operations

Integrate insights about users, hosts, apps, and controls, and add context from the Microsoft Graph.

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Simplify orchestration and automation

Develop investigation and remediation playbooks that call the Graph Security API to take action.

Improve security by connecting solutions

Speed up threat detection and incident response. Share insights across Microsoft and partner security solutions and integrate with existing tools and workflows.
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Build more intelligent security apps

Learn how the security API provides a standard interface and common schema to integrate with security solutions from Microsoft and partners. A variety of SDKs and code samples make it easy to start.

Stream alerts to your SIEM

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems serve as the hub for security operations. Alerts from the security API are available for streaming through Azure Monitor in the same API schema.
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Empowering a security ecosystem

Connect to and extend the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph. Partners can use the API to consume security alerts, contribute their own alerts and context, and expose actions through the Graph.

Blogs and announcements

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Security API general availability

Announcing general availability of Microsoft Graph Security API.

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Security API public preview

Announcing Microsoft Graph Security API public preview.

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Anomali press release

Anomali collaborates with Microsoft to bring new security insights.

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Palo Alto blog

Palo Alto and Microsoft help provide a more holistic view of security.

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Microsoft Transform News

PwC works with Microsoft to deliver custom built cybersecurity tools.

A unified gateway to security insights