Achieve Zero Trust with Azure AD conditional access

Network-based security perimeters are obsolete. Azure AD conditional access enables Zero Trust by establishing identity as the new control plane.


From perimeter security to Zero Trust

Get started with these scenarios today

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Protect identities and reduce user risk

Use cloud-powered AI/ML signals to automatically protect against identity risks before providing access.

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Ensure devices comply and reduce risk

Mitigate risks from devices with Microsoft Intune and Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection.

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Control corporate data access

Limit access, not productivity, with controls to protect data in SharePoint and Exchange.

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Prevent data loss from apps

Protect data within cloud apps with Microsoft Cloud App Security in-session controls.

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Azure Active Directory

Azure AD helps you secure and manage identity and access for employees, partners, and customers.

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Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph

Insights and intelligence for security analytics help you detect threats early and respond quickly.

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Microsoft Intune

Intune helps you manage and secure Windows 10 devices and Office 365 ProPlus apps in the cloud.

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Microsoft Cloud App Security

Get cloud app visibility, comprehensive controls, real-time access policies, and enhanced protection.

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Azure Information Protection

Protect email, documents, and sensitive data anywhere, even when shared outside your organization.

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Windows Defender ATP

A unified platform for preventative protection, post-breach detection, automated investigation, and response.

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Get started with conditional access

Learn how you can best implement conditional access with these 5-minute quickstart guides.

Design effective policies

Test the impact of your policies even before you roll them out with the What If tool.

Gain visibility with reporting

For every sign-in, view conditional access policy information for additional insight.

Block legacy authentication

Prevent vulnerabilities originating from legacy clients using Conditional access.

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