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Microsoft Introduces Dynamics 365 Government for the Department of Defense

The modernization of government will be driven in large part by people, process and technology working together. Today’s government technology systems are struggling to keep up with increasing citizen expectations for service, leaving government workers to manually bridge the gap. Old technology is dictating out of date manual processes that inherently lack consistency and add delays in providing the right level of service, hampering the ability for people to be effective and efficient.

Talking with government leaders, I learn about these challenges firsthand and we discuss how we can partner to accelerate innovation, decrease complexity and costs, improve security and overall effectiveness. What is consistent in these conversations is the profound opportunity to reduce the complexity of IT, connect siloed data, transform that data into intelligence and act upon it.

Microsoft Business Applications enable agencies to reduce the complexity of IT, meet their compliance regulations, and turn data and insight into intelligent action – making every interaction they have with citizens impactful and driving government efficiencies. The platform supports customers streamlining their service interactions. This not only helps drive benefit today, but provides long term value by empowering organizations to iterate on their systems; customers can adapt the application to their needs in safe and secure manner, allowing them to take advantage of cloud innovations in a more continuous fashion. The connected data from people and other systems is the fuel for intelligence to power modern government experiences, with those experiences further providing data to continuously refine interactions. We call this the digital feedback loop.

At the core of the Dynamics 365 Government platform is the Common Data Service, designed specifically to allow organizations to consolidate and access data. Through the over 200+ connectors, organizations can easily get to the data they need, when they need it, governed and protected by the level of security they expect and their regulatory requirements demand.

Dynamics 365 Government is for the exclusive use of the United States government and partners only. In March, Microsoft Dynamics 365 became the first SaaS service to achieve FedRAMP High level available to government customers.

Today we are making two Dynamics 365 Government announcements that provide new options for government agencies to take advantage of commercial innovation to meet their mission goals.

Introducing Dynamics 365 Government for the Department of Defense

In the first half of calendar year 2019, Microsoft will introduce our suite of Business Applications capabilities and features designed to meet workloads at Impact Level (IL) 5, as defined by the Department of Defense (DoD). This means Dynamics 365 Government will soon be available in our DoD cloud which is for the exclusive use of the DoD; authorization to follow in the second half of 2019. This suite of business application is designed to provide DoD customers seamless integration with Office 365.

Also in March, we shared that we’re expanding of Dynamics 365 Government’s capabilities and features to begin supporting the complex regulatory compliance requirements of the DoD, as well as contractors holding, or processing DoD controlled unclassified information or subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). We are making major progress in delivering this environment and are on track to make Dynamics 365 Government for IL 4 generally available to customers with regulations that require it by end of this calendar year (2018); authorization to follow in 2019.

Newest Spring 2018 Business Applications Release now available to government users

Today government customers can take advantage of the advancements of the Spring 2018 release for Business Applications which is now available. This unlocks for our government customers hundreds of new capabilities and features in three core areas: new business applications; new intelligent capabilities infused throughout; and transformational new application platform capabilities. This release also included Dynamics 365 v9 which provides a modern, unified and intelligence-infused family of business applications that spans the breadth of mission processes.

From the state and local level, to every military branch and all federal cabinet departments, our more than 1,600 U.S. Government customers are using Microsoft Business Applications to provide effective and modern government services. Learn more here.