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Join former service members for a retrospective discussion on how technology can advance missions and act as a force multiplier.

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Microsoft for Defense and Intelligence

Learn how defense and intelligence agencies advance their missions to promote stability and security for residents, nations, and multinational alliances with the help of Microsoft Cloud solutions.

Microsoft defense and intelligence technology solutions

Empowering militaries. Improving operations. Protecting national security.

Deliver a trusted and secure digital backbone

Provide a secure, hybrid cloud platform from the enterprise to the tactical edge.

Empower personnel and modernize facilities

Update facilities and services to meet the needs of military personnel and their families.

Transform the capability lifecycle

Improve capability development with support from the Defense Industrial Base.

Optimize decision advantage

Modernize intelligence, underpin readiness, and optimize mission planning and execution with AI/ML.

Enhance interoperability

Enable secure data and information sharing with partners, allies, agencies, academia, and industry.

Deliver a secure digital backbone

Switch to hyperscale cloud

Modernize legacy systems with hyperscale cloud to enable mission success.

Connect the tactical edge

Enable missions at the tactical edge with deployable cloud services and secure communication.

Embrace 5G and space connectivity

Extend the tactical edge boundary with new 5G and space innovations.

Defend against threats

Help safeguard mission integrity with a Zero Trust architecture.

Empower personnel and modernize facilities

Improve personnel management

Enable more productive digital experiences and outcomes.

Modernize facilities

Leverage digital capabilities to improve the sustainability and management of military facilities.

Optimize health management

Modernize legacy military health systems and improve healthcare service access and delivery.

Invest in personnel development

Digitally transform education, skilling, and training.

Transform the capability lifecycle

Model new capabilities

Use intelligent modeling and simulation capabilities to develop synthetic environments.

Optimize supply chains

Modernize defense supply chain management and operations.

Transform capability development

Leverage digital engineering to transform capability lifecycle and increase tech intensity.

Enable predictive analytics

Improve force development, sustainment, and mission readiness using predictive analytics.

Optimize decision advantage

Enhance command and control

Apply AI, machine learning, and data analytics to improve data-driven decision making.

Transform the intelligence cycle

Modernize intelligence collection, processing, fusion, analysis, and dissemination.

Optimize mission planning and execution

Use cognitive services and process automation to speed up the OODA loop and increase decision space.

Automate mission readiness

Improve defense readiness reporting to support operational preparedness and sustainment.

Enhance interoperability

Enable secure collaboration

Create trusted and secure working environments.

Expand data sharing

Help secure multinational and interagency collaboration and cross-domain information sharing.

Facilitate DIB integration

Provide seamless integration to the Defense Industrial Base and across the DIB ecosystem.

Modernize defense IT stack

Transform defense technical stacks through commercial innovation.

Advancing defense missions at the speed of relevance

Innovations and transformations

The potential of the industrial metaverse

From modernizing the defense capability lifecycle to data-oriented approaches and more.

Increase interoperability—securely

Learn how governments can help protect data assets during digital transformation.

A person standing up speaking to three coworkers seated at a table

Adapt with emerging technology

Hear how defense organizations can adopt digital tools.

Hands typing on a keyboard in a dark room lit only by desktop monitors displaying data

Improve national security

See how armed forces can analyze, experiment, and train more safely and effectively with gaming, exercising, modeling, and simulation (GEMS) capabilities from Microsoft.

Four people on a video call

Enhance capability portfolios

Listen to former military service members share their perspectives on how technology can transform the capability lifecycle.

Boost defense readiness

Explore the impact of cyberwarfare, non-state actors, natural disasters, and space security.

Products that innovate defense

Microsoft Azure

Build, manage, and deploy defense applications remotely to solve challenges of any size.

Microsoft 365

Unite remote teams with industry-leading apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Combine mission-critical data and information with continuous insights for faster decision making.

Microsoft Security

Safeguard your people, data, and infrastructure.

HoloLens 2

Accelerate mission readiness with a mixed reality device that models environments for training.

Microsoft Power Platform

Build defense and intelligence solutions to analyze data, automate processes, and secure missions.

Explore our partner ecosystem

Learn how agencies are creating a safer, more secure world

The Australian Army

Higher situational awareness

The Australian Army and Microsoft collaborated on AI-infused platform to transcribe combat net radio.


Innovation accelerated

Azure Cognitive Services helped Airbus meet strict security requirements while supporting military aircraft.

A hand pinching to zoom in on a map of a neighborhood with an area highlighted in red
Pandora Intelligence

More informed decisions

Pandora Intelligence uses data visualization and predictive analytics to help protect the public.

A rover on Mars

Scheduling flexibility

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory increases the agility of mission communications with a custom Azure solution.

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News and events

BAE Systems and Microsoft join forces

See how they’re using cloud technology to build digital systems.

Accelerate digital transformation

Increase mission speed and agility with Azure Space technology.

Securely exchange information

Hear how defense organizations facilitate secure collaboration.

Adopt digital engineering

Discover technology that can help achieve mission outcomes.

Defend against cyberattacks

Get insights into how the digital threat landscape is evolving.

Improve astronaut safety

See how this hands-on AI-based test project will help ensure astronaut gloves are safe in space.

Bolster national security with cloud-based chip design

Accelerate time to market for critical microelectronic components.

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