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Microsoft for Defense and Intelligence

Learn how defense and intelligence agencies advance their missions to promote stability and security for residents, nations, and multinational alliances with the help of Microsoft Cloud solutions.

Microsoft defense and intelligence technology solutions

Empowering militaries. Improving operations. Protecting national security.

Deliver a secure digital backbone

Provide a secure, hybrid cloud platform from the enterprise to the tactical edge.

Empower personnel and modernize facilities

Modernize facilities and services to meet the needs of military personnel and their families.

Transform the capability lifecycle

Improve capability development with support from the Defense Industrial Base.

Optimize decision advantage

Modernize intelligence, underpin readiness, and optimize mission planning and execution with AI/ML.

Enhance interoperability

Enable secure data and information sharing with partners, allies, agencies, academia, and industry.

Deliver a secure digital backbone

Deliver hyperscale cloud

Modernize legacy systems with hyperscale cloud to enable mission success.

Connect the tactical edge

Enable missions at the tactical edge with deployable cloud services and secure communication.

Embrace 5G and space connectivity

Extend the tactical edge boundary with new 5G and space innovations.

Defend against threats

Modernize the security operations center and defend mission integrity with a Zero Trust architecture.

Partners who bring it together

Empower personnel and modernize facilities

Improve personnel management

Empower personnel through more productive, digital experiences and outcomes.

Modernize facilities

Leverage digital capabilities to improve the sustainability and management of military facilities.

Optimize health management

Modernize legacy military health systems and improve healthcare service access and delivery.

Support personnel development

Digitally transform education, skilling, and training.

Partners who bring it together

Transform the capability lifecycle

Model new capabilities

Enable intelligent modeling and simulation capabilities to develop synthetic environments.

Streamline supply chains

Modernize defense supply chain management and operations.

Transform capability development

Leverage digital engineering to transform capability lifecycle and increase tech intensity.

Enable predictive analytics

Improve force development, sustainment, and mission readiness using predictive analytics.

Partners who bring it together

Optimize decision advantage

Enhance command and control

Leverage AI, ML and data analytics to improve data-driven decision making.

Modernize the intelligence cycle

Transform intelligence collection, processing, fusion, analysis, and dissemination.

Optimize mission planning and execution

Use cognitive services and process automation to speed up the OODA loop and increase decision space.

Automate mission readiness

Improve defense readiness reporting to support operational preparedness and sustainment.

Partners who bring it together

Enhance interoperability

Enable secure collaboration

Deliver trusted and secure collaborative working environments.

Ensure trusted data sharing

Expand multi-national and interagency collaboration and cross-domain information sharing.

Facilitate DIB integration

Provide seamless integration to the Defense Industrial Base and across the DIB ecosystem.

Modernize defense IT stack

Transform defense technical stacks through commercial innovation.

Partners who bring it together

The whitepaper titled How Microsoft is driving defense innovation at the speed of relevance.

Driving defense innovation at the speed of relevance

Innovations and transformations

Three military personnel in a command center with many screens.

Accelerating the Zero Trust model

Explore what a Zero Trust security foundation looks like and how Microsoft can help secure mission-critical data.

A park with a lake, people relaxing in the grass and someone biking on a trail.

Creating a brighter future

Learn how Microsoft helps the public sector meet sustainability goals with technology.

A person working on a laptop.

Modernizing the defense workplace

Find out how the future defense workplace can meet the needs and expectations of an evolving workforce.

Accelerating intelligence readiness

Discover how to enhance the analysis and sharing of intelligence.

Two people working together on a large piece of equipment with many wires.

Adapting to a changing landscape

Learn how Microsoft helps the defense industry embrace digital transformation.

A room set up with large screens on the wall and on the sides of every table.

Redefining the defense workplace

Discover three key takeaways to help transform the workplace for a modern defense ecosystem.

Transforming supply chains

Learn how cross-functional technology transforms procurement, production, and delivery.

Improving defense readiness

Explore the impact of cyberwarfare, non-state actors, natural disasters, and space security.

Products that innovate defense

Microsoft Azure

Build, manage, and deploy defense applications remotely to solve challenges of any size.

Microsoft 365

Unite remote teams with industry-leading apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Combine mission-critical data and information with continuous insights for faster decision making.

Microsoft Security

Safeguard your people, data, and infrastructure.

HoloLens 2

Accelerate mission readiness with a mixed reality device that models environments for training.

Microsoft Power Platform

Build defense and intelligence solutions to analyze data, automate processes, and secure missions.

Explore our partner ecosystem

Learn how agencies are creating a safer, more secure world


Innovation accelerated

Azure Cognitive Services helped Airbus meet strict security requirements while supporting military aircraft.
Department of Defense ESI logo

Enhanced space missions

Migrating to the cloud maximized the Department of Defense’s access to crucial technology.
Defense Ready logo

Insights unlocked

DefenseReady created more resilient troops using a 360-degree view to improve readiness and morale.
Mission critical Blackned logo

Mission-critical communications

German software manufacturer creates an all-in-one critical-communications network using Azure Stack.
Enhance situational Australian logo

Enhance situational awareness

Australian Army and Microsoft collaborate on AI-infused platform to transcribe combat net radio.
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News and events

Digital transformation for a Future-Ready Defence Ecosystem

Listen to this panel from Eurosatory 2022, as our panelist discuss the global security landscape, the technology and cultural enablers needed for a future-ready defense ecosystem.

Defense & Intelligence Industry Digital Forums

Hear from global experts as they discuss digital transformation and how technology is helping them to achieve their mission.

U.S. Army to use HoloLens technology

Discover how U.S. troops are using advanced technologies to enhance situational awareness and communication capabilities.

Naval Postgraduate School Collaborates with Microsoft

See how advanced cloud capabilities and emerging technologies can help solve critical national security challenges.

Australian Defense Force partners with Microsoft

The Commonwealth government has progressed its push to better manage data.

Sustainability as a National Security Imperative

Listen to this panel from Eurosatory 2022, as our panelist discuss the impacts of climate change on national security missions and how the tech industry can support meeting sustainability objectives.

Improving astronaut safety

This hands-on AI-based test project will help ensure astronaut gloves are safe in space.

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