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Microsoft for Defense and Intelligence

Microsoft helps defense and intelligence agencies advance their missions to promote stability and security for residents, nations, and multinational alliances.

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Microsoft defense and intelligence technology solutions

Empowering militaries. Improving operations. Protecting national security.

Modernize environments

Create more flexible, secure, and intelligent workplaces and facilities.

Secure infrastructure

Help ensure compliance using a secure hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Protect information domain

Help protect collaborative workspaces, data, and apps, and grow cybersecurity competencies.

Optimize operations

Use data and AI to underpin readiness and operations to meet national security objectives.

Modernize environments

Secure remote access

Give personnel the right information at the right time across operational environments.

Improve resource management

Link siloed data and modernize legacy systems for better human resources and resource management.

Modernize facilities

Leverage digital capabilities to modernize the management of buildings, ranges, and facilities.

Products that make it happen

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Power Platform
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Partners who bring it together


Secure infrastructure

5G and space connectivity

Facilitate operations from headquarters to the tactical edge with new 5G and space innovations.

Hyperscale cloud

Modernize legacy systems with hyperscale cloud for cost-effective and right-sized infrastructure.

Tactical edge

Enable service members at the tactical edge with data, analytics, and collaborative technology.

Products that make it happen

Partners who bring it together


Modernize security operations

Help protect military data shared across defense and intelligence networks from cyberthreats.

Zero Trust

Help defend the integrity of mission logistics against advanced threats with cybersecurity.

Train teams

Provide remote and advanced training and solutions for teams in cybersecurity operations centers.

Products that make it happen

Partners who bring it together

Vector Synergy

Optimize operations

Interagency collaboration

Share critical information across military services and multinational coalitions.

Enhance command and control

Compile information into a shared, common operating picture to enable data-driven decisions.

Improve mission readiness

Capture and analyze data with machine learning to sharpen processes for predictive analytics.

Modeling and training

Enable synthetic environments for modeling, training, and simulation.

Information and analysis

Use intelligent technology and cognitive services to fuse and examine data.

Products that make it happen

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft Power Platform
Microsoft Azure

Partners who bring it together

Semantic AI
The white paper titled Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing for Defense and Intelligence.

Enhance missions and troop safety with the cloud

Innovations and transformations

Learn how agencies like yours are helping empower a safer, more secure world

Innovation accelerated

Azure Cognitive Services helped Airbus meet strict security requirements while supporting military aircraft.

Missions enhanced

Migrating to the cloud maximized the Department of Defense’s access to crucial technology.

Insights unlocked

DefenseReady created more resilient troops using a 360-degree view to improve readiness and morale.

Applications optimized

F5 helps the United States Air Force build cloud-based warning system on Azure.

Products that innovate defense

Microsoft Azure

Build, manage, and deploy defense applications remotely to solve challenges of any size.

Microsoft 365

Unite remote teams with industry-leading apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Combine mission-critical data and information with continuous insights for faster decision making.

Microsoft Surface

Access hardware made for remote work and protected by Microsoft security and modern manageability.

HoloLens 2

Accelerate mission readiness with a mixed reality device that models environments for training.

Microsoft Power Platform

Build defense and intelligence solutions to analyze data, automate processes, and secure missions.

News and events

Military helicopters.

Defense & Intelligence Digital Forum

Join our defense CTO, customers, and partner Raytheon.

U.S. Army to use HoloLens technology

Advanced technologies to enhance situational awareness and capabilities.

United States Air Force selects Microsoft

Microsoft to support the Advanced Battle Management System.

Weather modeling in deployment

How the cloud is forecasting and protecting the U.S. Navy.

A person sitting in a dark room in front of two screens.

Driving defense innovation

Learn how mission-critical information is shared and used.