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IoT in Action: Transform your business model through IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer new. Yet it still has endless possibilities as more and more companies across industries are utilizing the technology to transform their business models for the better.

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that the company will invest $5 billion in the Internet of Things over the next four years to give every customer the ability to transform their businesses, and the world at large, with connected solutions.

With the same goal in mind, we are bringing back the IoT in Action global event series, which will take place in 12 cities globally, aiming to help attendees gain actionable insights, deepen partnerships, and unlock the transformative potential of intelligent edge and intelligent cloud solutions.

From facilitating valuable business connections to showcasing real business transformation, don’t miss the key takeaways you will get by attending the events. Register now for our upcoming events in October in Barcelona and Santa Clara.

See what’s possible with real business transformation scenarios

As we work with our partners and customers, we are continually seeing IoT transform companies in exciting and innovative ways. Companies across industries like Testify, Johnson Controls, and Kohler are finding new scenarios to drive success through IoT. And with advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the intelligent edge, IoT solutions are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

The IoT in Action event series is a chance to meet and collaborate with Microsoft’s customers and partner ecosystem to see how they build and deploy new IoT solutions that can be used to change the world around us. This year’s events will have a dedicated business transformation track with insightful keynote and breakout sessions for business leaders to fast-track their IoT vision from proof-of-concept to deployment.

Learn how to build and secure your IoT solutions

Microsoft works to stay ahead of advancing technology and trends to meet customers’ changing needs. Our IoT offerings include what businesses need to get started, from operating systems to cloud services to advanced analytics to business applications.

With so many components, IoT-enabled devices pose enormous risks without the proper management and security. As part of Microsoft’s unique approach to IoT, Microsoft has taken the 7 Properties of Highly Secured Devices and created the Azure Sphere solution.

Azure Sphere serves as a secure foundation for the rapid creation of scalable and cost-effective intelligent products and experiences. Azure Sphere provides connectivity through highly-secured, Internet-connected microcontroller (MCU) devices.

IoT in Action is the ideal venue for anyone interested in learning more about Windows and Azure IoT security offerings, as well as the new Azure Sphere solution.

Find and connect with compatible partners

Finding the right partners is critical to helping companies build and scale their solutions quickly. Here at Microsoft, making those connections is a top priority. Connecting our customers with the right partners can ensure that IoT solutions get off the ground quickly and can scale easily.

To enable these connections, IoT in Action events will feature a digital matchmaking tool designed to help attendees identify and meet the partner or customer most suited to their immediate business need or opportunity.

Register today to reserve your seat!

Find a city near you and register today for an IoT in Action event if you are interested in learning more about the modalities and economics of transforming business through IoT. Register now to receive keynote slides from the 2018 IoT in Action event series and to gain access to technical training resources for Azure and Windows IoT.

Register for an event near you:

We’ll be rolling out events in additional locations around the world, so stay tuned! Also, if you haven’t already done so, be sure to check out the IoT in Action webinar series, an additional resource for supplementing your IoT learnings.