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Stay competitive with new skills: Four emerging technologies

It’s no secret that right now businesses are rapidly shifting priorities and strategies and some development teams have been downsized as a result. Developers are going to play a key role in imagining what’s possible and accelerating recovery and innovation.

To prepare for that role, developers will want to level up their skills on the hottest technologies available. Here are some of the most significant emerging trends in cloud technology today.

Deliver continual value with Azure DevOps

Modern software development is about speed and responsiveness. That’s why more development teams are adopting DevOps practices to shorten product creation time and improve product delivery.

While many developers are familiar with DevOps, they may not know how Microsoft Azure DevOps streamlines workflows with a host of tools and integrations. With Azure Boards and Pipelines, developers can build complex cloud applications while integrating with GitHub seamlessly.

To demonstrate how to use DevOps with cloud tools like Azure, Microsoft is running a live-coding event in conjunction with Contrast Security. This virtual Livestream, hosted on Mixer, will demonstrate how to integrate Contrast tools with Azure cloud using DevOps practices.

Sign up for the live coding Mixer Livestream airing on May 27th.  

Innovate security, workflows, and app development with machine learning and AI

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have made a big impact on modern businesses in industries like healthcare, finance, and retail. As the technology matures, however, there seems to be no limit on the application of these solutions.

So, knowing how to build machine learning apps, especially cloud apps, will make any developer attractive to companies that are leveraging AI. Azure supports developers of various skill levels as they build machine learning algorithms while providing modeling and control-flow tools. With Microsoft, you can manage data privacy, map machine learning model bias, and integrate your AI projects into larger apps with Azure DevOps.

To help interested developers learn more, Microsoft is currently running the Cloud Skills Challenge, which includes several learning paths for Azure AI and machine learning.

Developers who sign up for the Cloud Skills Challenge now can request a free exam voucher for the AI Engineer certification exam. Terms and conditions apply.

Stop worrying about infrastructure and develop apps with Azure Serverless

More and more businesses are turning to the cloud to manage their infrastructure, and that includes developing and hosting apps. To help them scale apps more efficiently, these businesses are shifting their emphasis to serverless development and away from online Platform as a Service models.

Businesses that want to build apps to scale are going to be looking for developers that can build in a serverless environment. With Azure Serverless, developers can speed up app deployment and lower total costs. Azure supports Serverless Kubernetes for rapid function deployment, connected with Azure Functions for event-driven programs. Best of all, with Azure Serverless you only pay for the time of code execution rather than for an entire virtual server or container.

If you want to learn more about how to build apps with Azure Serverless, Microsoft offers several digital workshops covering the basics of Azure, Azure Functions, and Azure Logic Apps.

Connect the world with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has had a huge impact on manufacturing, supply chains, and other large-scale logistical operations. But as IoT technology moves more and more into the consumer space, businesses are looking for ways to capitalize.

Microsoft recently announced a $5 billion investment in new IoT and Edge technology for Azure. This means that Azure is set to become the newest cloud platform for building high-performance IoT systems. That’s great news for tech professionals who are looking to expand their skills into the smart device industry.

Microsoft has several on-demand workshops on Azure IoT development. Learn how to build IoT solutions on Azure, provision assets and devices in your IoT network, code your data pipeline to Azure Stream Analytics, and develop modules using Azure IoT Edge.

From IoT and AI to DevOps practices and serverless app development, these trends are set to shape the future of business and technology. Developers who are ready to put their heads down and reskill along these trends will find the edge they need to stay competitive and help transform the future.