MSR India Academic Outreach

MSR India Academic Outreach


MSR India is involved in various efforts to make the research ecosystem in computer science in India more vibrant and to inspire our vast technical student population to consider careers in research. We believe that a robust research ecosystem can make significant contributions to the country’s development and also facilitate a healthy talent pipeline.

The following are a couple of our outreach initiatives:

Student Travel Grants

Travel Grant support offered to students from Indian universities to defray costs of travel, fees, accommodation, meals and incidental expenses, when attending top-tier computer science research conferences outside India. We believe that the exposure that the students get by attending and presenting papers at these conferences enhances the quality of their own research effort, facilitates peer review/ feedback and enhances their research careers.

Students can apply for a travel grant by visiting MSR India Programs Travel Grants. Applications are evaluated on criteria like the quality of the conference, whether it’s a poster or full presentation/talk, collaboration with any MSR researcher, etc. We do get a large number of applications, so we advise students to submit their applications at least 45 days in advance of the conference dates. For more information/ queries, please email

Conference and Workshop Sponsorships

MSR India offers sponsorships to conferences in the area of computer science. While sponsorship decisions are made on a case-to case basis, we typically consider top level conferences where researchers from MSR India are involved as committee members. For more information, please email Satish Sangameswaran.