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Academic Knowledge Services

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Microsoft Academic

The online community for discovering and discussing inspiring research topics.

Microsoft Academic helps researchers like you connect with the most personally relevant papers, conferences, people, and ideas, via artificial intelligence (AI) bots that read, understand, and deliver the scientific news and papers to further your work. It helps you stay abreast of developments, discover new ideas, and collaborate with others in the academic community, propelling your research—and your reputation—further, faster.

Microsoft Research is experimenting with new social features and we’d like academia to be part of our product development research. It’s easy to join, get an invitation code by emailing us at and learn more here.

Bing for academics

Academic content is more discoverable with Bing

Get a rich academic search experience that surfaces relationships among academic people, papers, journals, conferences, and institutions built in Bing search results. Search for an academic subject and Bing returns content snapshots plus related conferences and people, with links to authors, journals, events, and other topics. No other search engine returns Bing’s deep relational academic search results.

*Currently available in limited countries.

Cortana academic interests

Cortana is a researcher’s assistant

Cortana learns the things that interest you and actively monitors them on your behalf. Cortana tracks all your interests in her notebook, organizing them into various categories. Tell Cortana which fields of study interest you most, and then watch as she provides a wealth of information from the academic community. Discover papers, news, and events, just for you.

*Service is now available exclusively in the United States for Windows 10 devices, iPhone, and Android phones.

Microsoft Cognitive Services API

Services to help make it easier to build out apps and tap into rich data.

Microsoft Cognitive Services

Microsoft Cognitive Services Knowledge APIs let you build apps with powerful algorithms with just a few lines of code and give you the ability to tap into rich, academic knowledge and data.

Academic Knowledge API

The Academic Knowledge API interprets user queries for academic intent and retrieves rich information from the Microsoft Academic Graph (MAG). The MAG knowledge base is a web-scale heterogeneous entity graph comprised of entities that model scholarly activities: field of study, author, institution, paper, venue, and event.

Entity Linking Intelligence Service

Given a specific paragraph within a document, the Entity Linking Intelligence Service will recognize and identify each separate entity based on its context.

Knowledge Exploration Service

Knowledge Exploration Service (KES) offers a fast and effective way to add interactive search and refinement to applications. With KES, you can build a compressed index from structured data, author a grammar that interprets natural language queries, and provide interactive query formulation with auto-completion suggestions.