Microsoft AI Residency Program

Microsoft AI Residency Program


We are busy making plans to grow our Residency Program in the UK and US for the 2022 program year. Thanks for your patience during this time.

The Cambridge Residency (UK) program is accepting applications now. Please visit the Cambridge Residency Program page for details, open roles, and how to submit an application.

For potential applicants interested in opportunities in the US Residency Program please check back in early 2022 for more updated details on timelines and the application process.


Note: We offer a gentle reminder that this alias will not reply to questions about application and program dates and remind you that this information is updated on our home page. Please bookmark the page and check back as directed.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Current Microsoft employees are not eligible for this program.
  • If you are currently enrolled in a full time, relevant, degree program at an accredited University/College and will have your most recent degree completed by the start of the AI Residency, we encourage you to apply.
  • If you completed your degree and have been out of school for some time, you are eligible to apply. We will consider various work experiences.
  • Please refer to the eligibility requirements available on the job description for the location you are applying to for a full list of criteria.

What is Microsoft looking for in a candidate for the Microsoft AI Residency program?

The ideal candidate will have a passion for leveraging their expertise from computer science work and/or other technical fields to solve real-world challenges by applying artificial intelligence (AI). We are looking for candidates with substantial coursework in, but not limited to: computer science, electrical engineering, data science, mathematics, physics, economics, human-computer interaction, and computational biology. Experience developing in at least one high-level language such as Python or C/C++/C# or experience with machine learning techniques or deep learning frameworks is desirable.

How do I apply and what does the application timeline look like?

For candidates applying to the Cambridge Residency program, please check their program page for details. APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN!

What documents do I need to prepare in order to apply?

You will need to prepare and upload a cover letter and curriculum vitae (CV) in one document. Please follow the detailed instructions when applying for each of the residencies at the Cambridge and Redmond Labs.

What makes a good cover letter?

A cover letter is a required part of the application for this program. Please save it with your resume as one document in your submission. Your cover letter must include your statement on why you are interested in the Microsoft AI Residency program and what you want to get out of the residency if selected.

What benefits will I receive during the program?

The resident program offers benefits designed to give you a world-class experience. You will receive competitive pay and custom AI training from top researchers and engineers. Additional benefits are offered pending the country of employment. For more information on benefits, you can refer to the job description for a longer list of highlighted benefits.

Where is the residency program based?

The program is based out of two labs; Redmond, Washington, USA, and Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Will Microsoft sponsor my work authorization?

Where required, Microsoft will support the immigration process for eligible applicants. We will determine the best available visa/work authorization option for candidates when a candidate is selected to advance in the interview process. For those seeking employment in the USA, please note that applying for an H1-B is not an option as this is a fixed-term role. However, if a candidate already has their H1-B and advances in the process we will work to evaluate if the visa is eligible for company to company transfer. For those seeking employment in the UK, please be advised that you will need to have current work authorization in the EU to be considered.

What can I expect at the completion of the residency program?

Residents will be encouraged to apply for a full time, relevant position at Microsoft at the end of their residency.

Will I be able to publish my work as a resident?

Yes, Microsoft strongly encourages you to work with your project mentors to publish your Residency work to top tier venues and conferences. You can review accepted publications from past residents.

What does the support system look like?

As a resident, you will experience an open-door environment designed to encourage you to set up a meeting with anyone at Microsoft. We encourage you to explore all areas of Microsoft while here and network through the company as desired. From a formal project side, you will be assigned to a mentor/project lead who will be available to you as you work through your professional growth and project milestones. Bottom line, we want you to feel supported while you are here with us!

Have questions not covered in the FAQs?

Feel free to send your questions to

Please note the alias above cannot assist you in writing a resume or advise on specific courses or experiences needed. You can refer to the job description and if you feel you meet the basic requirements, we encourage you to apply. Also of note, this FAQ alias can not provide application updates, immigration and visa evaluations or accept referrals.





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