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Collaborating with institutions

Academic Programs


Studies in Pandemic Preparedness

Research Areas: Medical, health and genomics

These collaborative projects with academia span topics including infection prevention and control, treatment and diagnostics, allocation of resources, mental health implications and return to work.

Swiss Joint Research Center

Research Areas: Computer vision, Human-computer interaction

The Microsoft Research Swiss Joint Research Center was established on June 2013 as the renewal of ICES (Innovation Cluster for Embedded Software), a collaborative research engagement between ETH Zurich, École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), and Microsoft Research. Their shared vision is that the center undertake the toughest computer science challenges in areas as diverse as human-computer interaction, machine vision, performance and energy scalability, mobile computing, and data center optimization.

Intelligent Edge Collaborations

Research Areas: Systems and networking

The Intelligent Edge is a continually expanding set of connected systems and devices that gather and analyze data—close to your users, the data, or both. Microsoft product groups coined the term The Intelligent Edge. The Intelligent Edge is a capability that enables Microsoft customers to enjoy a seamless experience and compute capabilities wherever their data exists—in the cloud or offline. Microsoft is making it easier for developers to build apps that use edge technology, by…

Microsoft Research & Mila

Research Areas: Artificial intelligence

Microsoft Research has been a partner of Mila’s (Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithms) since its inception, forging strong collaborations between its researchers to advance state-of-the-art deep learning research.

Microsoft Research & Berkeley AI Research (BAIR)

Research Areas: Multiple

Microsoft Research is a proud partner of the Berkeley AI Research Open Commons (BAIR), forging strong collaborations between researchers, students and faculty pursuing research on fundamental advances in computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, planning, control, and robotics. The goal of the collaboration is to create and contribute new data and research for the open research community while advancing state-of-the-art AI research.

Microsoft Research-Cambridge University Machine Learning Initiative

Research Areas: Artificial intelligence

Microsoft's partnership with the University of Cambridge aims to boost the number of AI researchers in the UK and help them change the world for the better. The Microsoft Research-Cambridge University Machine Learning Initiative is supporting PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and interns at the world-leading university, working closely with Microsoft Research Lab, Cambridge. Our aim is to realise artificial intelligence’s potential in enhancing the human experience and to nurture the next generation of researchers and talent…

MSR India Center for Societal impact through Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (SCAI)

Research Areas: Multiple

MSR India's new center for Societal impact through Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (SCAI) focuses on creating, nurturing and deploying technologies that will have large scale impact on society. We have, since our lab's inception, been conducting research in technologies that can help under served communities across the world through the Technologies for Emerging Markets (TEM) group. Over the years, we have had multiple high-impact projects, and have even “graduated” some of them out of the…