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Bringing Translations to Tweets

June 27, 2013 | By Microsoft blog editor

Posted by Rob Knies

Translator logo

There’s some cool news over at the Microsoft Translator/Bing Translator team blog: The announcement of new translation features, powered by Microsoft Translator, that now appear in the Twitter app for Windows Phone.

The new functionality, announced June 27 during the Build 2013 developers conference being held in San Francisco, enables instant translation of tweets in a different language from that of the user.

The translation technology is based on extensive machine-learning advancements from Microsoft Research.

Build 2013 gives software developers an opportunity to learn how to create great customer experiences on Windows platforms by using such technologies in their own applications. By doing so, they can create quality experiences for users, whether they are using Windows, Windows Phone, Office, Bing, Yammer, Lync, and other products and services.

“The integration of machine-translation technology from Microsoft Research has the ability to broaden any application’s impact through a substantial increase in accessibility to real-time communications and information sharing,” says Peter Lee, Microsoft corporate vice president and head of Microsoft Research USA. “No longer is language a barrier to real-time instant connections around the world.”

For more, see the full post from the Microsoft Translator team here.