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New Ways to Visualize Your Data

Posted by Rob Knies If you are feeling hungry, you go to the kitchen. If you’d like to take a swim, you head to a swimming pool. If you want to catch a movie, you’re bound for a theater. And, Danyel Fisher says, if you’re interested in data, you open Excel. “Excel is where data lives,” says Fisher, a researcher with the Visualization and Interaction for Business and Entertainment (VIBE) team at Microsoft Research Redmond.…

May 2013

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MIDAS: A Golden Opportunity in Russia

By Rob Knies, Senior Editor, Microsoft Research Collaboration is one of the hallmarks of Microsoft Research. Across the organization, the desire to work with world-class computer scientists takes on many forms, all with the express interest of advancing the state of the art in computer science and related fields. Such efforts present a myriad of challenges, but the rewards and the collegiality thus engendered regularly prove invaluable. The latest example begins Aug. 8 in St.…

August 2010

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