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eXtreme Computing Group: Year in Review

December 30, 2011 | By Microsoft blog editor

Posted by Surajit Chaudhuri, managing director of the eXtreme Computing Group

Year in Review

The latest in a series of posts from the directors of Microsoft Research’s labs worldwide, this one from Surajit Chaudhuri of the eXtreme Computing Group (XCG).

It has been just more than six months since I joined XCG as its lab director. XCG is a unique Microsoft Research lab that consists of not only great researchers and program managers, as in other Microsoft Research labs, but also a relatively large and experienced engineering team. This combination of talent has created a culture in XCG to focus on big bets, as we also have the ability to make significant engineering investments.

It has been gratifying for me to see how well connected XCG is to the trajectory of Microsoft’s business divisions, which is helping us uncover unique opportunities for research and technology innovations. We have been focusing on four key pillars: data platform and analytics, security, systems, and hardware-software co-design—in addition to a few special opportunities. We are ensuring that our innovations in these areas not only take into account but also optimize for the world of cloud-based infrastructure and services.

In 2012, XCG will sharpen further its strategic focus on big bets. We also will be looking for a few great minds to join us in our journey to participate in the sea change in information infrastructure and services that is upon us.