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FUSE Labs: Year in Review

December 30, 2011 | Posted by Microsoft Research Blog

Posted by Lili Cheng, general manager of FUSE Labs

Year in Review

The latest in a series of posts from the directors of Microsoft Research’s labs worldwide, this one from Lili Cheng of FUSE Labs.

We just launched, our latest research experiment, which blends search and social networking. For the last 12 days, it has been a thrill to be amid a network of students and to learn how human and unpredictable and beautiful it is to build and interact with a new community. user is used in many wonderful new ways. For example, students use to search to communicate via rich posts, rapidly riffing off one another’s posts in a visual dialogue. Now, we’re thinking about how to provide even better support for these unanticipated riffs in the experience.

This has been an amazing year for FUSE Labs. We officially joined Microsoft Research. I am so lucky to work among the brightest, most wonderful people in the world. Using social software such as, Kodu, Docs, Montage, and many other projects, we can reach out and learn from many students around the world.

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