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Cairo, Egypt.

Director: Hussein Salama

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The Advanced Technology Lab Cairo (ATL Cairo) officially started on February 1st, 2007. Our team of engineers and applied researchers enjoy taking on projects from the early stages of experimentation and incubation all the way to shipping and support. Our organization maintains a balance between software engineering and data science that enables us to work on cutting edge projects. We specialize in Natural Language Processing and Speech Processing. Our charter is to develop and ship intelligent cloud services. Some of our recent work can be found under the umbrella of Microsoft Cognitive Services. Our sister team, Bing Cairo, explores and develops tools and samples to evangelize the wealth of technologies underlying the Bing engine and to encourage our partners to leverage these technologies in their own scenarios and services.

Since our inception, we’ve been keen on promoting computer science research and development in the Middle East and Africa. Our internship programs offer students from the entire region an opportunity to work hand-in-hand with our engineers and researchers and to gain hands-on experience with state-of-the art technologies. Our passion for the Arabic language led us to make key contributions to Microsoft’s products and services including Office, Bing, and Skype Translator.



Portrait of Ahmed Ashour

Ahmed Ashour

Research Software Development Engineer

Portrait of Michel Naim Gerguis

Michel Naim Gerguis

Research Software Development Engineer II

Portrait of Achraf Chalabi

Achraf Chalabi

Principal Research Software Development Engineer Manager

Portrait of Hussein Salama

Hussein Salama

Director of Microsoft Advanced Technology Lab in Cairo

Portrait of Ahmed Tawfik

Ahmed Tawfik

Principal Applied Researcher